Rahu Mercury Conjunction – Good or Bad

Rahu and Mercury are best friends. In fact Rahu is exalted in Sign of Mercury Gemini. Rahu likes Mercury due to his neutral, nonjudgmental nature. This yoga is much more powerful if it happens in Gemini or Virgo. This combination gives a lot of brain power, it depends on the nature of this combination (whether afflicted) if a person use or misuse it. Rahu is illusion and mercury is intelligence+communication, this combination makes a person very shrewd, sharp, cunning and intelligent if placement is good. They can make good fortune in fields like journalism, writing, computer programmer, marketing, sales, or any other which requires sharp thinking, analytic ability or communication such as share market. These people can be good businessman who can do wonders if they have enough resources. Mercury is also associated with nervous system so bad placement can give nervous system related trouble or stress. Malefic combination can lead to stammering, lisping, and difficulty with numbers, poor memory, depression etc.

These people are social charmer, Rahu Mercury conjunction helps them to mix up with any group of people very easily and quickly. They will love to travel to foreign places and communicate with foreigners.

Rahu changes its form according to its co-planet, so in this case the benefic or malefic status of Mercury will highly matter. Mercury plays well in the Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, and Libra and these signs are good for this combination. Rahu acts like Jupiter and expands the quality of other planets but rajsic or tamasic and in a much larger, quicker, scale. These people can talk about any topic sex, drugs, affairs, interracial connections, foreign culture and women anything. They can justify any idea and sell it to you. Very good for media industry, writings, conversations and publications. Here Rahu desires to be seen, recognized, identified, as a mentally or manually special person deserving of special benefits. These people got excellent voice.

Gautam Trehan

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