Rahu Moon Conjunction – Good or Bad

Kundli of Mahatma Gandhi, Tony Blair, George Washington have Rahu Moon conjunction in different bhava.

There is a story in the Puranas that tells of the God Vishnu dispensing Amrita (the nectar of immortality) to the Devas. Demon Rahu mingled with the Devas to secretly get the share of nectar, however, he was discovered by Sun and the Moon. Vishnu threw his Soodarshana Chakra at Rahu and cut off his head. But, Rahu had already drunk the Amrita and now remained an immortal head. That is why Rahu is the strongest enemy of Sun and Moon.

Moon represents the mind, emotions, water and liquids. A strong Moon means good mental, emotional and psychological stability. An afflicted Moon usually reflects emotional difficulties and psychological problems. When Moon comes in conjunction with Rahu in the horoscope its gets afflicted. It also suggests some sort of disturbed emotional-developmental and protective relationship with the mother, mother may have some kind of disturbed (Rahu) emotional issue. Native’s childhood, childhood relationship, and natural growth may be destabilized due to the mother’s unconventional unusual behavior, drug addiction, crime, promiscuity, or the mother often has a deep illness. For example, mother is away from child-nurturing and still working while her baby is infant and being take care by some external agency which will surely affect native’s mind and soul.

As it happens Rahu amplify, intensify, accelerate, multiply the qualities of the planet it conjuncts with. In this case acts as a Moon means two Moon in one house; which further means flood of uncontrollable emotions, native’s mind will think in and endless manner in such a way that he is trapped within the illusions of his thoughts however reality may be altogether different. However, at the same time this conjunction gives a good psychic and intuitive ability and native may be very quick to understand the emotions and feeling of other.

These people are very immature and sensitive about their emotions, they don’t know how to control emotions.Rahu and Moon conjunction will give extreme emotional reactions such as great anger, fear, anxiety, depression, aggression, illusions, mood swings, addictions, obsessive behavior, hysterical tendencies, restless mind and scary dreams. Rahu Moon conjunction may speed up the life events in certain dasha period but it will not last and such gains will be lost during after time. For example, Moon/Rahu conjunctions may create excellent athlete/players; but person may develop too many health complication.

Rahu is a planet for foreign lands and Moon represents water, native may cross the sea to go to foreign lands for different purposes. He may be good in the information technology related fields. Rahu is an experimental planet and Moon represents mind, these people are very good in research, new inventions, and futuristic approach. Rahu also represents the lower section of society and Moon represents the service, these natives may work towards the caring for the weaker section of society.

Gautam Trehan

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