Rahu Venus Conjunction – Good or Bad

These two planets are friends to each other. Venus’ desire for love, relationship, luxury, and a rich and fancy life is amplified by Rahu upto great extent and makes the native primarily a sex enthusiast and obsessed with sex, comfort, and money. Person with this conjunction of Venus & Rahu mostly have an attractive and magnetic look which attracts opposite sex easily.

The real objective of the native in married/love life will always to fulfill the sexual desire. This is a never-ending search for the native and difficult to gratify in the lifetime. However, at the same time, these people are believer of a perfect relationship and they tend to find it. It’s hard for these people to be single for a long time. They can even travel to the places, break taboos and cultural boundaries to be with someone they are obsessed about. Since Rahu shows foreign items and ideas, love and relationships can occur with someone who is of a different cultural background or someone living in foreign lands.

Women with these combinations are quite magnetic and attractive. If this combination occurs in a female horoscope in a bad sign and house, it can lead the person into the prostitution. Jupiter aspect can minimize the evil qualities of this combination. Although this may not sound ideal conjunction; in certain houses, this can also show gains of huge amounts of wealth and assets. A person may belong to the industry of jewelry, fashion, designing, modeling, acting, makeup artist, beauty parlor, film production, animation etc.

Rahu and Venus are yogkarka too and can bring abandon of money and fame for some ascendants i.e. Capricorn, Aquarius etc. Venus Rahu combination makes person dreamy in his approach and may give lack of judgment in Love and relationship. Venus rahu conjunction in the 1st house makes the person dominating and having multiple relationships, in the 2nd house may give abusive speech and illegal way of earning money, in the 3rd house indicates large no of sisters and unsettled person with lots of ups & downs in fortune, in the 4th house may give vehicle, house, but disease to mother also, in the 5th house makes it difficult to have kids, in the 6th house may give many diseases, in the 7th house gives dissatisfaction from spouse resulting in cheating in marriage, in the 8th house indicates sexual diseases or interest in tantra-mantra, in the 9th house may give frequent change in luck & change in religion, in the 10th house will decide the trade as mentioned above, in the 11th house monetary success is indicated, in the 12th house gives poverty – may settle in abroad.

Gautam Trehan

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