Rat Dog Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how Rat compatibility with Dog in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Dog Personality

Dog is the most humanitarian Chinese zodiac sign; always ready to help those in need. Dogs are known for loyalty and intelligence so is the Dog personality. Dogs have preferences for the people they like and dislike. At times they can be very temperamental and bite (shout at) people when situation degenerates and goes out of control. They are fond of eating sometimes excessive eating. They are hard worker but sometimes prefer to be lazy. Dogs are famous for their senses; Dogs personalities are very good observer of the people and surroundings. This helps them to take appropriate measures in advance to safeguard their and their loved ones interest. It also helps them to confidently lead and execute any given task or assignment. Dogs are loyal lovers and family person. Family is very important for them; they take care and protect their family very well. Dogs are social people and try to maintain a balanced relationship with everyone. They are very aggressive to protect their territory be it professional or personal. They are ambitious and materialistic. Dogs are generally liked by most as they are charming, pleasant, and make for a good company. They are independent souls and not like to be told. There could be very bad consequences if they are betrayed.

Bill Clinton and Judy Garland are famous Dog personalities.

Year of the Dog

Years of the Dog: 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, and 2030.

Rat Personality

Rats are independent, active and quick. Their reflexes are very good towards the people or situation. They are mean and opportunistic for their own interests. They are very intelligent and possess a great sense of understanding for their environment. They are expert to read between the lines and decide future course of action accordingly. They have tendency to worry about future and related insecurity. They work very hard to make their own and family future safe from any uncertainty. They have great flair for business; can plan and execute any project very well productively. They are fiercely independent and practical too; always like to move on rather than clinging to one situation. Click here to read more about Rat Personality.

George H. W. Bush and Marlon Brando are famous Rat personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Rat Compatibility with Dog in Chinese Zodiac

  1. Rat Compatibility with Dog union is like 8 out of 10 due to the difference in the personal qualities of these signs. Rats and Dogs both are social but Rats have a tendency to doubt people so they make few friends as few can get close to them. Dogs are easy to deal with. They make quick contact with people and easily get acquainted. Rats, however, are very materialistic and too much worried about future plus accumulating wealth give them confidence. Dogs are not that much materialistic and go easy with the circumstances. Rats do not hesitate to apply dubious methods to achieve the personal goals. Dogs cannot tolerate this being a fan of justice.
  2. Same story of ‘opposite attracts’ goes here too. There will be quick mutual attraction due to the presence of strong feelings for each other. They could also find some common interests and understanding between them. Rat will find Dog sincere and friendly who can be trusted with eyes closed; Rats like trustworthy people around. Dogs are independent and do not depend on their partner for their own life related decisions. This feature is also liked by Rats as they don’t have to worry much to take care of their partner. Both have outgoing nature and loves to travel and going to the places. They keep themselves busy and try to find less time to pick issues of each other.
  3. Rat always desires to take a leadership position in any alliance. Dog will not have much problem with that until Rat stops listening to its partner and starts pushing. Dog will not like if Rat will want to make every final decision without taking a second opinion of its equally intelligent partner. However, their business compatibility is very good since both are hard working, can identify the business prospect, and can work as a partner towards common agenda. They will concentrate and focus on the professional goals while correctly distributing the responsibilities. Both are socially active people so it is much easy for them to connect with their colleagues, partners or peers in the professional world.
  4. However, in their different personality traits could also become a source of misunderstanding between them. At times, it will not be easier for them to agree upon the important decisions of life. Rat is selfish but resourceful and will not hesitate to pull the trigger to fulfill its own desire. Dog on the other hand is driven by justice and fairness in the relationship. Dog is very straightforward and outspoken in this regard and will not tolerate any below standard behavior. It might hurt the partner and relationship as well.
  5. Sexual compatibility between these two is neither good nor bad. Sex could help them to mature their long-term relationships. Family wise, both have great respect for family and family values. They ensure that every member of the family feels bonded and cared. In the process they tend to avoid the minor flaws of their partner which makes the relationship smooth. Dog is very understanding and values the opinion of its life partner provided it is not imposed. Due to this importance and value for its thought Rat feels motivated to do its best to provide every comfort to its partner.
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