Rat Horse Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how Rat compatibility with Horse in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Horse Personality

Horses are fond of freedom. They generally leave their parental home in early ages to make their living and career away from home. These horse personalities are truly workhorse and they believe in hard work and consistency at what they do. But some of them may lack perseverance, leaving the things or project halfway. However, still they are generally successful in their career and financially strong too. These people are rebellious in nature and would like to challenge the situation at first. This is how they change their fate and destiny. Horses are social personalities and they love making friends. They are quick to learn and pick new things very easily. At the same time, these people are very straightforward in their opinions and views and say what they have to day without much editing. This sometime goes against them. Horse people earn and burn. Saving is not for them. Horses are emotional and loyal in relationships. But these are realistic people too and know marriages don’t come from fantasy lands. They know marriages need lot of maturity and understanding of the partner and family to sustain and it may not be as favorable as one expects. They remain faithful and responsible for their partner and family.

Mike Tyson and Kristen Stewart are famous Horse personalities.

Year of the Horse

Years of the Horse: 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, and 2026

Rat Personality

Each Chinese zodiac year has a different sign and each sign has twelve years cycle. The cycle begins with the Chinese zodiac sign Rat. Each Chinese zodiac is associated with some element. The Rat’s fixed element is water. Water has a tendency to flow and move on where it finds the space. So are Rat people, they are dynamic and very adaptable as per the new situation. They believe in flowing and moving on without keeping much grudges. They seize the opportunity which comes in their way and optimize it at its best. They are very curious and great observer; their resourcefulness keep them out of trouble most of the time. They are highly social and conversant; communicating with others is one of their great powers. It helps them to make friends in any given situation. These people are straightforward and may become blunt at times while criticizing others. Rats are trustworthy and they need trustworthy people around. They do not share their private life with others easily until you have won their trust. On a different note, Rat people are cunning, shrewd, and smart. They know how to use people, their advantages and disadvantages in their favor. They also have a tendency to think, worry and plan about future. Click here to read more about Rat Personality.

Mark Zuckerberg and Pope Francis are famous Rat personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Rat Compatibility with Horse in Chinese Zodiac

  1. Rat Compatibility with Horse in Chinese Zodiac is going to be a challenging one with lot of ups and downs. Both are energetic, independent and want an upper hand in the relationships. Both signs are representative of masculine energy Yang which is the cause of most disagreements. Rat represents the Chinese zodiac element Water whereas Horse represents the Chinese zodiac element Fire. Both elements are opposite to each other; water douses the fire. This compatibility is very tense and it will require an out of the box maturity and understanding from both which is almost impossible.
  2. Not to mention these sign are highly social and they will attract each other immediately on surface level at least. Horse is sure to impress Rat with its incredible and tireless energy, passion, optimism, and mobility. Horse will be impressed by Rat’s resourcefulness, intelligence, and planning for any known or unknown event. Rest of the story will be very different when relationship will move to new level. Both are shrewd and cunning; quick to seize the opportunity in their favor. It will not be easy for them to sacrifice their interests in favor of their partner, hence conflict.
  3. The Rat is conservative in nature and Horse’s spirit of freedom and independence could be a shocker for them. Rat might want to restrict the freedom of Horse within certain boundary which will not be acceptable by Horse. Rats are fussy whereas Horses are grand and love to live the life at the fullest. Horses love to explore the world; going to places and has good appetite of risk. Rat will want to slow down the Horse who is born to run, a running machine. Their totally different perspective and worldviews will inevitably lead to frequent quarrels.
  4. Their friendship compatibility is also tense. They can easily be friend with each other and may seem good to each other but not very long. Same goes with business compatibility. It could be the best if they can move in one direction with one goal in mind. Here, it will be again the same problem: who will lead? Although, Rat is always good in revising and implementing the plan and Horse has good appetite to take decisions. However, Rat is cunning and manipulative; Horse does not like this kind of people and attitude. Overall, on paper business compatibility seems good but in the real world it will be difficult considering their nature.
  5. Love life is very important for Horses and they are very loyal to their partners and can give their hundred percent to keep the partners happy. However, Rat may consider this an adventure for a short time; as per them there are more important things to take care of in the life. Rat is a materialist, likes to plan and analyze everything. The Horse is impulsive and often makes decisions within minutes. Their bedroom life too is full of conflicts and confrontation.  Both have their different way of performing a sexual activity which does not go well with each other. It will be quite a struggle to achieve pleasure.
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