Rat Rabbit Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Rat compatibility with Rabbit go by the Chinese Zodiac rules.

Rat Personality

Rats are very perceptive about any present and future event. Their reflexes are quick and they are full of positivism. They can change and adapt very easily to any given environment and even make friends. They are versatile means they not only adapt to the situation soon they lead the situation by reading it very well. These are curious people and would like to know each and everything around them whether things or people. At most they would like to dominate the environment if possible with their smart and clever decisions. They are good at heart too; affectionate, passionate and sentimental to others. They will try to help the individual as much as possible. However, at the same time they are timid, overcautious and suspicious of others. They seem adventurous but their risk appetite is low. They can be very opportunistic, shrewd and cunning when it comes to personal gains. Click here to read more about Rat Personality.

Julianne Moore and Prince Charles are famous Rat personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Rabbit Personality

Rabbits are tender and kind hearted. They are very thoughtful to the people and situation, and do not react or lose temper easily. They are very careful with what they say and do and never act on impulse. These are creative people with full of creative talent such as music, reading, writing, art, design and decorate the house. Highly social and hospitable, they love to invite friends and families at home for a get-together. They love to be cheerful and talk very politely with everyone, dislike the unnecessary disputes or controversies. They don’t make enemies rather make friends out of enemies. Rabbits are family person; love to keep family values even if they have to sacrifice. These people are dreamer, imaginative and indecisive too, little distant from the practicality and reality which can trouble them. They are considered lazy by some as they don’t like much responsibility of the work or people. They are self-satisfied and don’t believe in too much hard work. They do what they think is required enough for the sake of doing. This is why they are not at all ambitious, not worrying about future.

Sridevi and Mila Jovovich are famous Rabbit personalities.

Year of the Rabbit

Years of the Rabbit: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

Rat Compatibility with Rabbit in Chinese Zodiac

  1. This is workable relationship; not good, not bad. Rats are person of action, fast movers, cunning, always thinking about future and active. Rats are future oriented, always thinking about future course of action. They work hard for future stability. Rats have preferences for what they do, rabbits don’t. In this relationship Rat will somehow dominate the other considering Rabbits soft and tender. Rats will also seek advantage due to this weakness of the partner. This approach can break the relationship.
  2. Rabbits are slow movers, slow thinkers, somewhat lazy and love to live in the present. They are not very ambitious and future oriented. They find it hard to match the tireless Rats. Rabbits are more of a creative personality; they love to live peacefully without creating much chaos. They are mostly happy what they have and can live with that rather than overloading and straining their brains about future. There could be frequent domestic issues and conflicts.
  3. This could be again the classic case of opposite attracts, but this is it. After that it is altogether different ballgame. Rabbits are very sensitive people, can be hurt easily; respond to any situation cautiously. Rabbits take longer to decide on things, relationship without going into conflict. They are honest and good-natured. Rats are impulsive; find it irritating the lack of initiative from the partner not interested in fulfilling the routine duties. Rats are adventurous people; they love frequent adventurous and fun outings; Rabbits prefer an quite evening at home sipping tea.
  4. Talk about business partnerships; Rabbits rarely make good businessperson. They are dreamer and imaginative people, not at all good for the enterprise. Here Rat is best suited for the role being quick thinker, smart, reasonable and practical. However, business partnership is more suited when Rat acts as a boss and Rabbit as an assistant. Rabbit will be able to carry out the instructions easily without second thought. Rat will not see in him a danger to his career advancement.
  5. Sexually, Rat is one of the most sensual and sexy signs, however, Rabbits are conservative and not very enthusiastic about experimental sex. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rabbit is such that it will be difficult for them to create a truly successful and strong union. They are so different that frequent quarrels in pairs will be inevitable.
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