Rat Rat Compatibility in Chinese Zodiac Astrology

Let’s see how the Rat compatibility with Rat go by the Chinese Zodiac rules. But first we need to understand Rat personality as a men and women.

Rat Men Personality

The Rat man is an adventurous person at heart or whatever he does. He is very sharp observer and opportunistic who can easily sense what is good for him and what not in any given environment. Rat is the first sign of Chinese zodiac so by default he possesses the leadership qualities and thinks of himself as a leader in every situation. He is talkative, loves to chat and communicate with the people. This is perhaps Rat’s one of the very strong feature. His communication makes him popular among masses. He is temperamental and has mood swings. At times, he can get confused & furious riding on an emotional wave but will soon come to senses. Rat man is generally very successful in his career as they are smart, intelligent, hard working and doesn’t mind taking risks. They can work under any kind of pressure and love to be on their toes. Rat man is very materialistic and money minded; he wants his future secure. He loves to earn and spend on expensive things to impress people around. He has tendency to gift expensive things to loved ones specially his woman.

John Elway and Prince Charles are famous Rat men personalities.

Rat Women Personality

The Rat woman is friendly, charming and highly independent lady. She is full of life and keeps the environment peppy. She is highly outgoing in nature and love to be surrounded by people. She hates to be alone and likes going to the parties. Since she is charming and great in communication, she can make many friends easily. She has great business acumen. She has great convincing power and can turn table in her own favor using her negotiation and interacting skills. She is very clever to see new opportunities and seize them. She has the ability to anticipate what is about to happen. She is good with planning and execution of the ideas. In terms of romance and sensuality, she is not easy to please and has her own high standards for the man of her dreams. If she does not find any meaning in the relationship she will easily move on. She is very popular among the opposite sex. She tries to keep everyone happy and to be happy. Rat woman is a great family person. She loves to make and keep family. She loves being a parent. She finds great pleasure in taking care of her family because she’s a great homemaker, mother and wife.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Julianne Moore are famous Rat women personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Rat Compatibility with Rat in Chinese Zodiac

  1. They have common features, goals, objective, interests and hobbies. They can work together and live together too. Rats have common water element. However, there is other side of the story; Rats have masculine energy and impulsive nature. Rats are sociable and want to be center of attention in any event. But most problematic is their desire for leadership in any relation whether professional, personal or friendship. There surely will be conflicts and disagreements between both partners number of times. Both are of same nature but it will be not easy for them to live under one roof with harmony. But with small considerations & compromises this will be a near to perfect match.
  2. Rats are very much future centric feeling insecure about upcoming events. They are selfish and cunning and do not hesitate to fulfill their own desire by any means. Pulling the blanket on them is very easy for Rats. They are aggressive, fussy, act on impulses, prone to sudden mood swings and always want to move on. They are intelligent enough to earn lot of money. Since both are of same nature they will treat them as equal and nobody will back off easily. This relationship will have good time if at least one of them shows some consideration, restraint and compromise.
  3. Money is an easy come for Rats, generally. Rats have high entrepreneurial skills; their business acumen is excellent. They are very resourceful and excel in communication like no other. They can talk to anybody anytime and generally make friends from conversation. Due to all these they can easily deal with any professional situation or execute any project effectively. So they have very good business compatibility. The only obstacle to business compatibility in a pair is the struggle for leadership in terms of responsibilities and authority. If together they can cross this hurdle, a happy and wealthy life is waiting for them. For this purpose it is advisable that they should not work jointly.
  4. Their friendship compatibility is excellent. These people are very active and love to work most of the time. They work hard to make their and loved ones life comfortable and secure. They are truly materialistic and want prosperity. Both are romantic and sensual. They love adventures and outings. It all sounds very convincing to live together. But problem starts when they start living together. Quarrels and conflicts will lead to separation. If the leadership position is determined by position, then there will be no competition between them. However, in Chinese zodiac long term romantic relationship between Rat and Rat is quite a task. This alliance could be very fragile even perfect sexual compatibility will not help to break up.
  5. The sexual compatibility is very high for these people. Rats are great at body pleasure and sex. For them sex is a must in life to come close and mature relationships. They are not shy of each other give their hundred percent in bed. They know how to enjoy sex and give pleasure to a partner. Both are family oriented and love to do their part: financial and household take care. The compatibility of the Rat and the Rat in family life is based on a clear understanding of responsibilities and respect for each other, else, conflicts and quarrels can destroy the family.
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