Rat Compatibility with Snake in Chinese Zodiac

Let’s see how Rat compatibility with Snake in Chinese Zodiac is analyzed.

Snake Personality

Snakes are sensitive personalities. They are good hearted, kind, anybody will like them easily, but their appearance and behavior is mostly political – not easy to understand. They prefer peace and calm in life. In order to achieve that they maintain peaceful relations with people and avoid any sort of confrontation. They are very careful with their words and say the things mostly in a political way to avoid any kind of unnecessary arguments. These people do not want to expose themselves to any embarrassing situation. This is why they are very good to neutralize any trouble situation with their well-balanced peacemaking approach. However, their over-cautious nature may make them very indecisive and inactive which means they generally do not have decision making abilities. Their desire to not offend people may put them in trouble of choosing right and wrong because they may support the wrong to avoid conflict which will create conflict with right. Plus they create a safely net of their own logics around them to choose the situation, environment, and people according to their preferences and morality. You will find these people mostly in creative fields where there is minimum interference and dealing of other people; where they have their own comfortable space as per their choice.

Indira Gandhi and Audrey Hepburn are famous Snake personalities.

Year of the Snake

Years of the Snake: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025

Rat Personality

Rat people are energetic and always busy with something. They are intelligent, practical and ambitious. They are very concerned about their future or you can say any type of unpredictability. Plus they are materialistic too. For them having money is the best cure for any problem or uncertainty in the world. They use their intelligence and practicality to earn lot of money. Rat people are very adaptable to all weather. Their adaptability makes them very resourceful and equipped with very high survival skills. They can live and prosperous under any (and literally any) given circumstance. They somehow know the way. They are very social and enjoy the company. However, they only keep tried and tested and trusted people near them; and maintain safe distance with relative unknown or less known people. Because they have suspicious nature; it is not easy to win their trust. Click here to know more about Rat personality.

Alan Turing and Elizabeth Short are famous Rat personalities.

Year of the Rat

Years of the Rat: 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, and 2020.

Rat Compatibility with Snake in Chinese Zodiac

  1. Snakes and Rat do not sound very much convincing at first. In wilds, Snake generally hunt and eat Rat. Well same theory goes in Chinese Zodiac Astrology too. Rat is water element and Snake is fire; technically very opposite to each other. Even if water will like to help fire in any way it will douse the fire. Rat and the Snake compatibility are quite controversial, very difficult and completely unsuitable for each other. Emotionally, they both come from different planets. Their behavioral pattern is a complete contrast. Rat is super active, intelligent and clever; Snake is super sensitive, cautious and neutral.
  2. This partnership will be more on rivalry side as both will work for their own benefit. Rats are social and impulsive. They act on instinct, make a lot of friend and enjoy company. They do not hesitate to take advantage of the people or environment wherever required for their own benefit. Rats’ instinctive nature does not go well with the careful and alert Snakes who make thoughtful decisions only after analyzing all the risks; after all their first preference is to save themselves from any awkward and embarrassed situation. This is their nature to keep the things neutral as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not possible all the time and such attitude annoys the Rats so there will be frequent conflicts and disagreements.
  3. Rats are a highly manipulative and resourceful personality whether love or business. They know every trick to come out from the most difficult situation with flying colors using their instincts. Snakes have tendency to give advice but they do not take one. On outer level they appear to be very calm and they have arrogance of being wise. Their unnecessary and unwanted interference will anger the Rat. They will attract each other on surface level due to the fact ‘opposite attracts’. But it will soon become disappointing for them when they will connect on mental, physical and spiritual level.
  4. Snake may not like Rat’s independence and freedom loving nature. Snake, as per its nature, will try to restrain the mobility of Rat which is sure to go wrong as freedom and mobility is Rat’s core strength. Snake will have to face Rat’s fury which will lead to a number of conflicts. Rat is outgoing in nature, sociable, love gatherings, spotlight and being a center of attention. Snake has suspicious nature and prefers to stay away from the crowd. Snake loves home comfort and personal space. Lot of patience and understanding will be required among them which will be practically not possible for them.
  5. As it goes with their personal relationship so is their business compatibility. Unlike most of the incompatible signs who are rather good partners in business. Rat and Snake is a complicated business partnership too; better, to avoid it. Rats are passionate sign they believe in the open manifestation of love. Snakes are little diplomatic when showing feelings and emotions and keep it under cover. This makes them cold in bed. Their sexual relationship will be quite a struggle on emotional and physical level. Finally, keeping all this in mind it is better if they think twice before starting family. Raising children may become another source of conflict between them. Rats are wonderful parents and very devoted to their kids. However, Snakes are cold and strict. These differences make their family compatibility bad too.
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