Rat Love-Relationship Compatibility with Other Signs

According to Chinese Zodiac Dragon Compatibility; Dragon, Rabbit, and Ox are the best compatible with Rat. Whereas, Goat, Rooster, and Horse are the least compatible. Read more about Rat personality. However, relationships are very complicated concept and it cannot be described in numbers, rating of five stars or one stars. As you can see most of the compatibility chart are shown as best match & worst match. It will be a lot more easier if you know the traits of your partner and your’s too so that there could be an alignment in the relationships. Let’s check the Rat Compatibility in detail.

Rat and 12 Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Love & Partnership


  1. Since both are common zodiacs you can expect frequent small fights but Rat and Rat compatibility will be fun too. They will talk hours and never get bored. Their family values are great together and they will be great parents. They will make sure they have a comfortable home and happy children.
  2. They are sensual and their romantic and sex life will also be very interesting. Emotionally they are very strong and never hide their feelings. Together they would love to do exiting things and never get bored. There will be n number of outings.
  3. This is high sociability combination; they will have large social circle, many friends or relatives, frequent parties or get together. Rats are great at financial planning so expect this couple to be financially strong and stable.
  4. But they may be too much worried about future taking unnecessary tension and working more than required exhausting themselves. Best part is Rat has great sixth sense and two Rats will always know when and where problem may come.
  5. Only problem could be trust & dependability since both are suspicious in nature and may not believe each other easily. There are possibilities that they may be competing with each other at times to prove better. Add their impulsiveness to this and things may go out of control. These things can break the relationship.


  1. Rat and Ox is good zodiac compatibility. Rat is energetic and moving, Ox is solid and stable. Rat is messy & chaotic, Ox is silent & disciplined. Their features may be very different but this thing work for them.
  2. Good thing is they both will happily join each other with their preferences. Ox is not bothered about Rat’s larger than life personality or social circle or attention of spot light. Ox enjoys a silent evening at home.
  3. In return, Rat makes sure that it remains loyal and respectful to the partner. There are some activities both enjoy together. Inviting their friends or relatives at home for small get together is one of them.
  4. Rat knows the ways to coax the settled Ox from its den and Ox responds. Conversely, Ox will teach Rat to relax its mind for a while and enjoy simple things in life.
  5. Both are very sensual and sex plays and important role for them, they’ll spend lots of time in bed together. Whatever they do they make sure that their relationship never dies. These lovers are extremely compatible.


  1. Rat and Tiger compatibility is a deserving relationship; could be hit or miss. Both complement and help each other with their gaps. Rat is charismatic and colorful, Tiger is powerful and courageous. Rat is pessimistic at times, Tiger is all time confident. They have great energy and love being in the center of attention, having fun with friends.
  2. Tiger is more open and easily make friends. Rat is little suspicious with people and do not let them come too close. Both are family person attached to their family life and together they will be good parents. Both have a very strong sexual compatibility.
  3. Rat will admire Tiger’s fearless nature and can learn a few life lessons to deal confidently with the problems without escaping. Tiger will be amazed by the Rat’s intuitive ability. However, Tiger may grow tired of Rat’s bragging and complaining nature on pity things, whereas Rat may feel Tiger too bossy.
  4. Tiger wants to control everything but Rat is freedom lover and independent soul. Also, Rat is shrewd and cunning and can be deceiving at time which will not be tolerated by Tiger. But such things can easily be resolved between them as both are communicative.
  5. There will be turbulent times just like any relationship when ship will start sinking but soon they will find common grounds which will make them stay together in a long-lasting relationship.


  1. Rat and Rabbit compatibility is workable relationship; not good, not bad but can be worked out. In this equation Rabbit will see more advantages and feel special one. Rat being a family person is always protective about loved ones so Rabbit will feel protected.
  2. Rat’s intuitive nature and resourcefulness will come handy for timid Rabbit as Rat will know in advance from where problem is coming and how to deal with it. The major advantage is financial security. Rats’ are known for their love for money and they always make sure that their future is financially safe.
  3. Rabbit loves comfortable and financially stable life. Sexually, both are compatible and appreciate the physical needs of each other. Where differences come is the fact that Rat always wants excitement and new things to do whereas Rabbit is dull, relaxed and unimaginative.
  4. Rat is outgoing in nature and hardly wants to stay at home; Rabbit is more like spending quite evening at home sipping tea and watching move. Rat will be very irritated to go out alone. Rat sociable nature does not go well with piece loving and quite Rabbit.
  5. It will be challenging for Rabbit to entertain frequent guests at home or having get together. Rat could be very criticizing about Rabbit’s life style and finances. There is a strong possibility of heated arguments and frequent fights over such issues eventually leading for a break-up.


  1. Rat and Dragon compatibility is an excellent partnership. Their relationship will be far more stable and satisfying. Both are independent in nature, love excitement and know how to make money. Their social compatibility will work like a magic with endless outings, parties and get together.
  2. Their endless energy will add to the fact that together they can plan and execute any idea in life. Even their different features, weaknesses and shortcomings will help each other to see the complete picture of any situation.
  3. Rat intuitiveness will help impulsive Dragon to relax and think twice before doing anything considering every aspect. Fearless Dragon will help ever worrying Rat to deal with a problem confidently without running away. Rat’s resourcefulness and intelligence will come handy for Dragon to take on any challenge.
  4. It will take some time for Dragon to make a family but Rat, being a great family person, is sure to convince the partner and both will prove to be great parents. There could be issues with Dragon being too authoritative, dictating the things, giving orders or Rat being too complaining.
  5. Dragon is very loyal, trustworthy and reliable. Rat is cunning, shrewd, does trust easily and moreover work for own benefit. They will soon patch up any differences between them and move on. After all, they feel supportive and rely on each other.


  1. Rat and Snake relationship brings smile on partners’ faces. If it is not very excellent, it is a decent relationship which can go forever with the help of both the parties. Although they seem to be very different with each other in terms of traits and the fact that Rat is water and Snake is Fire.
  2. Despite, in Chinese zodiac this combination has been rated well because it has all the ingredients to make a perfect dish. They just need to know when to put what. Since both are intelligent so they can easily work it out compromising their ego.
  3. Rat, always like intelligent people around, is sure to impress with Snake’s intellect. Snake is sure to impress by the Rat’s greater than life personality and financial acumen. Both are social, may be Rat is bit more, and they can easily gel in the social circles.
  4. Snake is bit sophisticated and has a taste of fine things in life good food, elegant dresses, fine drinks, good house interiors etc. People are generally impressed with them. Rat is little different and messy and not at all sophisticated.
  5. At the same time Rat feels very good when people appreciate its partner. Best part is both these signs are very intuitive and they can easily sense if something wrong is going to happen and protect accordingly.


  1. Rat and Horse compatibility is a substandard match. It may be hard for them to agree with each other’s views.  Rat is very active personality but Horse is kind of restless people with ton of energy way beyond the definition of active which will be hard to understand for the Rat.
  2. Horse people are very open, honest and straightforward whereas Rats are kind of suspicious to everyone around even their partner and keep the things half revealed. Plus they are selfish and have complaining nature which will bring petty quarrels.
  3. Such environment will not suit Horse. Both love independence but in a little different way. Rats love independence but keeping a company is equally important for them as they are very smart to get the things done by others and they are talkative in nature.
  4. Horse means complete freedom to run (as per their nature) without any commitment. They are very self reliant and believe in their own potential without any first hand help. But it does not mean they ignore the relationship.
  5. Rat is very materialistic and money minded and they are shrewd enough to cash any opportunity which comes in their way. Horse does not like this passion about materialism. Compromise and understanding are the keys to success.


  1. Well, Rat and Goat compatibility is a tough one. To be honest in this relationship Goat is a weak link. Compromises come from both side, however, primarily Goat needs to adjust according to the Rat’s busy and social lifestyle.
  2. Since Rat may take care of the financial need of the family with its money making abilities. Goat is like more of a home comfort and may not like such outgoing and sociable nature of Rat.
  3. At times, there may also be objection on the gender of the company Rat keeps. Goat will definitely want to curb the movement of Rat. Goats are very sensitive and emotional personalities whereas Rats are practical.
  4. It may be hard for a Rat to give time and handle this much emotions as it will be waste of time for their hectic schedule. Goat’s melancholy may work as a hindrance for the Rat’s independent life style.
  5. Expect a lot of nagging between them on petty issues. Down the line it is possible that they will start thinking of the significance and logic of their continuing relationship with so many differences.


  1. Rat and Monkey compatibility is one of the best ones. They are sure to attract each other on mental and physical level. Both are fun together enjoying each other. They are full of energy, outgoing, and social. Both will equally enjoy the social gatherings, parties.
  2. Both signs love making new friends. There will be a passion in their romantic life too. There are some interesting sides of this pairing too. Rats are independent; Monkeys are lively and casual keeping the surroundings busy.
  3. Rats are secretive, suspicious and shrewd in nature. But here Monkey come as a surprise due to its unpredictable and cheating nature which will always keep envious and clingy Rat alert. Monkeys’ smart and unpredictable thinking will be quite a match for Rat.
  4. Rat will surely use its intelligence to channelize the partner’s restless energy and smart thinking in a more productive way. From material point of view they are sure to make a lot of money and they know how to do it.
  5. Rat will support Monkey to bring some focus in the assignments whereas Monkey will help Rat to be more relaxed and positive in life to deal with problems. As they are in life, so they are in bed. Rat and Monkey make one of the best sexual partnerships.


  1. Rat and Rooster compatibility is again a hit or a miss equation. There will be absence of romance or emotional attachment from the beginning. They may never able to connect on mental level due to their extreme nature.
  2. There will be lot of difficulties and disagreements in this relationship; still it can sustain with required compromises and wisdom from both sides. Roosters’ are hasty, hyper, frenzy and uncertain in their dealing with their partners which does not go well with the practical, thoughtful and logical Rats.
  3. Since they are impulsive, Roosters can easily be provoked and mislead; worst part is they are very volatile. This will make the equation worst as Rat will have to deal with the Roosters’ claptrap on daily basis just for the sake of relationship.
  4. Rats are known to leave the situation when it goes out of control hence break up. Rats are more on a productive side and they want to invest their time and energy to bring success. Roosters are extremely censure in nature.
  5. Their regular criticism to the Rat’s lifestyle will surely bring some volcanic reaction from Rat. However, as we have seen in some compatibility, Rat Rooster relationship could be more fruitful in Business.


  1. Rat and Dog relationship scores high in compatibility. Their contrasting features and attitudes will work for them. Both are social but Rat keeps a boundary for people to come closer due to their wary nature.
  2. Dog is open to people and make quick friends. Here Dog’s honesty and confidence will inspire Rat to be more confident and acceptable while dealing with others. This will bring good results for Rat.
  3. Dog will also help Rat to minimize its capitalistic, greedy and wealth making approach and stop worrying too much about future but focus more on the present and enjoy simple things in life and go easy.
  4. Not to surprise Rat is going to appreciate all this from Dog and they both will have a sense of attraction and respect for each others’ feelings. It is not all about differences, they will have common interests and understanding between them.
  5. Rat will find Dog very trustworthy and sincere. Both are extrovert and outgoing in nature. Together they will love to travel and going to the places. Best part is both keep themselves busy so they don’t have time to argue about petty issues of each other.


  1. Rat’s and Pig’s compatibility score is also very high. Although, their personalities could be very different from each other; Rat’s activeness is a no match to dull & lazy Pig. Surprisingly, such contrasts keep them bonded and together they can dance very well mainly due to Pig’s presence.
  2. Pigs are very mellow personalities and they don’t have any problem with most of the Rat’s competitive features. Pig is always ok with Rat being the center of attention; take the leadership position or being sociable.
  3. This will come as a surprise for Rat and Rat will treat Pig as a gem of the guys. Pig will get more attention, respect and appreciation from Rat. Pigs are very pragmatic in nature and they only focus on the positive things in life.
  4. This approach of the Pig is the key to success of this relationship. Pigs are worry less about future and celebrate the present. They will help Rat to take the future uncertainty off their shoulder and at least enjoy what they have now.
  5. On the other hand Pig will be very impressed with the Rat’s money making abilities. Rat’s financial ability and stability is sure to bring more joy to their life. Both are family person and they enjoy the company of family relatives. This relationship is sure a blast.

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