Rat Personality in Chinese Zodiac

Rat personality is further divided into five categories i.e. Wood Rat, Fire Rat, Earth Rat, Metal Rat, and Water Rat. However, there is no need to go into such detailing; knowing Rat personality is more than enough to understand Rat people and deal with them. Read more to check the interesting Rat personality traits, Rat men personality, Rat women personality, Rat personality strength & weakness, Rat compatibility with other signs for better understanding.

Antonio Banderas, Phil Hartman, Elizabeth Short, Alan Turing, Eminem and Buddy Holly are some famous Rat personalities.

Years of the Rat:

The Chinese zodiac Rat personality people are born in 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 and 2020.

Each Chinese Zodiac year comes at a regular interval of 12 years. So next Rat year will be 2032 and so on.

21 Rat Personality Traits:

  1. Do you know the story behind the ranking of the Rat being number one in the Chinese Zodiac? The Chinese supreme deity Jade Emperor held a birthday party and invited all the animals. He thought to decide the order of the zodiac animals according to their arrival sequence. Hardworking Ox started early to reach first. However, the Rat hid in the Ox’s ear and jumped down when arriving, occupying the first place.
  2. Beauty of Chinese zodiac is that an animal’s personality traits are used to determine the personality and character of an individual. Rat is first Chinese zodiac. Rat is an animal which can be found anywhere; it has strong adaptability to environments.
  3. Rat is in the Water group. Water keeps flowing and is related to wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and memory. Similarly Rat is a clever, tricky, tactical, problem solver, visionary with great ideas. knowledge, memory, and learning. Rat has a strong memory and remembers the previous life experiences. 
  4. It usually eats everything from veg to non-veg, so it can survive everywhere. It shows that rat people have got good surviving skills. Rats have excellent memories and they never forget the navigation routes. 
  5. Rats are very intelligent people and great observers. Quick to pick up on most things and people just by observing. This ability equip them with high adaptability and great survival skills. They can survive any situation and even gain out of it.
  6. Their all weather adaptability also makes them very resourceful. They can live and prosperous under any given circumstance. They know the way.
  7. Rat people are highly social and need company most of the times else they feel depressed. They easily make friends. Rats people are very caring to other people just as rats take care of injured and sick rats in their group.
  8. They are great communicator and love to talk about anything but do not get very close to anyone or share any personal information with them.
  9. Common conception is that Rats litter but fact is Rat people are very hygienic. 
  10. They don’t eat much and generally do not fall ill as these people are dynamic, however they are always prone to diseases and it takes good time to recover.
  11. Rat people are curious, shy and prefer to stay away from a potential threat using their instinctive skills. They are very suspicious in nature and don’t trust anybody easily. They are very much protective about their privacy and personal life.
  12. Rats are sharp, cunning and greedy; they can use the others’ weakness in their favor. They are very materialistic and concerned about their wealth. Money has great importance for them and they are good at money making abilities.
  13. In Chinese Zodiac Rats are a symbol of wealth and reproduction. For them having money is the best cure for any problem or uncertainty in the world. They use their intelligence and practicality to earn lot of money.
  14. Their practicality and resourcefulness also make them clever, opportunistic, and greedy. They want leadership role and recognition and they will not hesitate to switch the sides when required. 
  15. They are very good with dealing people in social activities due to their chatting ability. While dealing with people they can sharply observe who can be useful in their future planning. 
  16. Rat people are energetic and keep themselves busy. They can work under any kind of pressure and love to be on their toes. They are mostly liked by all due to their energetic nature and keep the environment lively. 
  17. Rats are temperamental and have mood swings. At times, they can get emotionally confused & furious. But this is temporary phase and they become normal soon. 
  18. Rat people love to earn and spend on expensive things to impress people around. He has tendency to gift expensive things to loved ones.
  19. Rats have great business acumen and great convincing power and can turn table in their own favor using negotiation and interacting skills.
  20. They are popular among the opposite sex. However, if they do not find any meaning in the relationship they will easily move on. They always like to move on rather than clinging to one situation.
  21. Rats have great reproduction ability which means they love babies. Rats are great family person. They love to make and keep family. They love being parent. They find great pleasure in taking care of their family. They should avoid living alone and away from family.

Rat Personality Strengths:

Alert & Observant, Adaptable & Sociable, Outgoing & Cheerful, Possess Great Business Acumen, Hard Working, Great Family Person, Bold & Aggressive, Talented & Witty, Tactical and Creative, Excellent with Communication & Speech, Resourceful & Thoughtful.

Rat Personality Weaknesses:

Prone to Stress and Fear, Lack of Persistence, Stubborn & Picky, Criticizing & Complaining Nature, Instinctive & Impulsive, Don’t Listen to Advises, Unstable & Lack of Concentration, Cunning, Shrewd & Greedy, Very Opportunistic.

Rat Men Personality

The Rat man is an adventurous person at heart or whatever he does. He is very sharp observer and opportunistic who can easily sense what is good for him and what not in any given environment. Rat is the first sign of Chinese zodiac so by default he possesses the leadership qualities and thinks of himself as a leader in every situation. He is talkative, loves to chat and communicate with the people. This is perhaps Rat’s one of the very strong feature. His communication makes him popular among masses. He is temperamental and has mood swings. At times, he can get confused & furious riding on an emotional wave but will soon come to senses. Rat man is generally very successful in his career as they are smart, intelligent, hard working and doesn’t mind taking risks. They can work under any kind of pressure and love to be on their toes. Rat man is very materialistic and money minded; he wants his future secure. He loves to earn and spend on expensive things to impress people around. He has tendency to gift expensive things to loved ones specially his woman.

Rat Women Personality

The Rat woman is friendly, charming and highly independent lady. She is full of life and keeps the environment peppy. She is highly outgoing in nature and love to be surrounded by people. She hates to be alone and likes going to the parties. Since she is charming and great in communication, she can make many friends easily. She has great business acumen. She has great convincing power and can turn table in her own favor using her negotiation and interacting skills. She is very clever to see new opportunities and seize them. She has the ability to anticipate what is about to happen. She is good with planning and execution of the ideas. In terms of romance and sensuality, she is not easy to please and has her own high standards for the man of her dreams. If she does not find any meaning in the relationship she will easily move on. She is very popular among the opposite sex. She tries to keep everyone happy and to be happy. Rat woman is a great family person. She loves to make and keep family. She loves being a parent. She finds great pleasure in taking care of her family because she’s a great homemaker, mother and wife.

Rat Compatibility Matches:

Best Compatibility:

  1. Ox: They are faithful, understanding, and respect rat’s passion of love.
  2. Rabbit: This relationship will get along easily.
  3. Dragon: Both of the two are straightforward and loyal in relationship.

Acceptable Compatibility:

  1. Rat: They treat each other with true heart; however, this relationship is generally requiring more romance.
  2. Tiger: this will also work if tiger people are given their personal space. They have strong desire to get everything in control.

Complementary Compatibility:

  1. Monkey: they can be potential partners.
  2. Dog: this relationship will work gradually and develop stably.
  3. Pig: Pigs are persistent which rats are not, so they can inspire each other.

Intimate Compatibility:

  1. Snake: They are good listener which rat needs.

Bad Compatibility:

  1. Horse: Both are self-centered and seldom give up their views.
  2. Rooster: One is extravagant, while another is spendthrift. No Match.

Hit or Miss:

  1. Goat: if both of them show consideration to each other, it will be a hit.
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