Saturn in 10th House of Horoscope – A WOW Placement

Saturn represents justice, hard work, discipline, tradition, law, poor and unprivileged person of the society. It is karmic planet; punishes the evils and blesses the pious. Saturn’s results are very slow and demand extreme patience but results are long lasting and profound for sure. The results will change your life forever and you will remember it. It will make you see the life from practical perspective and removes the illusion. Gemstone of Saturn is Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Also, read more about how Saturn Vimshottari Dasha influence the birth chart. Let us see how Saturn in 10th house goes in your horoscope.

Saturn is at home in the 10th house:

10th house is represented by Capricorn which is owned by Saturn. This is half of the story, real story is Saturn is karak of 10th house-a king maker and can make you king out of beggar. What we primarily know about 10th house is that it represents professional life or career. But at the same time this house also belongs to your karma or deeds. What you do to others in your life, attitude, behavior, religion, spiritualism, setbacks, gains everything is observed by this house. It gives good for good and bad for bad.

Many prominent personalities either celebrities or political figure world over has this combination in their chart. Saturn can make you minister in the government. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi birth chart has this placement.

Positive effects of Saturn in 10th house:

Since Saturn is very slow and tough planet, nothing will happen miraculously and native will have to earn it through his blood and sweat. That is why people with this placement are born leaders, very dominating, super ambitious and pure workaholic. They could be great business men as they have great business sense. Their passion of work keeps them at regular conflict with their bosses or authorities.

They don’t take life for granted and can work nonstop to achieve their goals and they expect the same from others which creates a problem because not everyone is so ambitious. Their dominance can be felt around them with their attitude, behavior and speech. These people can also change their profession very frequently as they keep on exploring new opportunities which ultimately provide them success, name, fame, status and stability in life. Saturn represents father, 10th Saturn will make them great father. They will be very serious about the overall growth of their child.

Saturn effects of placement in different zodiacs:

  1. Capricorn (gives materialism),
  2. Aquarius (gives spiritualism),
  3. Virgo (excellent planner),
  4. Gemini (great at problem solving)
  5. Taurus (focus on financial security)
  6. Leo (Problem for father)
  7. In Libra it becomes exalted and real game changer for native.
  8. It is in the worst shape in Aries due to debilitation (makes you dangerously impulsive)
  9. Not so good in Scorpio (makes you very manipulative and revengeful)
  10. Cancer (makes you over emotional)
  11. Sagittarius (Makes you religious)
  12. Pisces (makes you spiritual)

Negative effects of Saturn in 10th house:

Depending upon the affliction of the Saturn this placement may bring some trouble to parents, death of parents and upbringing without parents or separation of parents, separation from mother or father. Negative placement will create employment issues, problem from senior or government officials, problem from child or loss in business. It may also give land disputes and problem in foreign land.

Saturn aspects 12th house (3rd aspect):

12th house aspect will keep your enemies under control. But person may face problems related with foreign land such as education, profession or settlement. There could be sleep issues.

Saturn aspects 4th house (7th aspect):

4th house aspect may give problems during childhood. It is majorly related to the mother; it could be mother’s health, separation from mother or a bad mother.

Saturn aspects 7th house (10th aspect):

7th house aspect may create some issues related to marriage such as late marriage or lack of marital pleasure. On the other hand it gives you a durable but very routine oriented marriage. Both partners will feel the pressure of responsibility of marital life.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 10th house, aspect of other planet on 10th house and their placement house.

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