Saturn in 11th House of Horoscope – You Can Smile

Saturn brings hurdles & difficulties in our lives to teach the lessons of life and shape us a good human being. Saturn teaches you self control and reminds you of your responsibilities and keeps you in the boundaries, limits and restrictions to realize you that you are just a mortal human being. Saturn is a planet of karma means it gives you good or bad results on the basis of your actions. In other words as you sow so shall you reap. As Saturn is slow and certain planet, growth of the native is marked slow but steadily and surely. Saturn represents father in the kundli. It also governs old age. Gemstone of Saturn is Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Also, read more about how Saturn Vimshottari Dasha influence the birth chart. Let’s read about Saturn in 11th House effects in detail.

Saturn in 11th house is a good placement:

11th house is house of profit, hopes & desire (read more: breakdown of astrology houses). But the most important thing is 11th house is an upachaya house where life improves by the time meaning any planet in upachaya house shows its real effect in the later stages of the life. It is considered an auspicious house. Saturn is the lord of 11th house so it is his own house so it is at home; what more good can you expect of Saturn placement in a chart. Saturn in 11th house is considered very good placement.

As per ‘Saravali’, a very popular book among astrologers by Kalyan Varma (कल्याण वर्मा), Saturn in the 11th house gives long life, courage, wealth and an impressive social circle. Native will rarely fall sick.

As per ‘Phala Deepika’, classics of Hindu Vedic astrology books written by Mantreswara (मन्त्रेश्वर), Saturn in the 11th gives very good health, lasting income and wealth.

Positives of 11th Saturn:

Native is sure going to have a very influential social circle. This social circle will make him very popular among family and friends. Add the native wealth to it and person will be very high in social status. Since this is Saturn’s own house, it will make sure that native has sufficient long term regular income either ancestral property or self-earned. Though there will be some ups and downs but native will never short of money. Even there is high possibility that native’s spouse will also bring and earn good money and together they could make a fortune. 11th Saturn also creates an opportunity to enter into politics. Saturn’s effects are more prominent in the later age. Native will have very good saving after the age of 40-50.

However, there are high chances that native will feel detach from all the riches and tired of socialization. He will still search for someone to share his personal feelings and may become bore of his life, will prefer to stay alone and try to search for a true meaning of life.

Negatives of 11th Saturn:

If Saturn is in bad shape in the 11th house results will very much differ. 11th house also governs the illegal activities such as blackmailing, hoarding, smuggling, kidnapping, etc. Native may involve in such crimes directly or indirectly and he may have some unethical source of income. This native may also not hesitate to cheat on someone for his own good.  There are chances that native’s marriage may not be a success.

Afflicted Saturn will make the person lethargic. He will have fear from thieves, conspiracies, conflicts, spirits or super natural phenomenon. Native may have loss of employment or trouble in getting employment. Bad Saturn may lead to misery, chronic health issues as well as sexual problems.

Saturn aspect from 11th house:

Saturn aspects 7th house, 3rd house & 10th house from its own position. Saturn in 11th house aspects the 5th house (7th from 11th) 1st house (3rd from 11th) and 8th house (10th from 11th house).

Saturn aspect on 5th house:

Fifth house represents love life, children and other pleasures. This aspect makes the native devoid of fun, love or other pleasures. Native may be too serious about life and its responsibilities that he will forget to enjoy the small moments of life. At the same time this aspect will also make him calm, spiritual, charitable and he will look for the meaning & purpose of life. There could be problem in childbirth.

Saturn aspect on 1st house:

Well placed Saturn in 11th house aspect on 1st house makes the native cunning but ethical too, makes the person materialistic, gives lot of wealth but makes the person thrifty too. This aspect can make the person very popular in society. Saturn is very slow planet so whatever will happen it will happen gradually with lot of patience.

Saturn aspect on 8th house:

8th house is considered as dush-sthana. It represents longevity, hidden things, inheritance, sudden income, accident and mysterious things. Remember Saturn is a karak planet of 8th house. Well placed Saturn aspect on 8th house gives longevity which makes the person long-lived and provide good health too. Makes the person hard working and there is good scope of inheritance benefit. This aspect can make the person very spiritual and detached from materialism. Aspect on 8th house combined with aspect on 5th house give the person lack of marital pleasure as 5th house is romance, 8th house is marriage and sex and Saturn creates hurdle. Late marriage is definitely on the cards. Native may be very good with machines. Native may be a government servant, contractor or any work which involves working with labor.


Before going into any such prediction one has to check the aspects of other planets on 11th house. These should not be applied blindly just by looking at Saturn’s placement.

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