Saturn in 12th House of Horoscope – Very Karmic Placement

Saturn is a natural malefic and tough planet of strictness, discipline, responsibility, hardships & challenges. Saturn is a teacher of your life, it teaches you where you have to improve a lot in your life, its methods are frustrating but once you are through with all these you see the actual and bigger picture of life which is only possible in Saturn way. You may not like the Saturn but no one can get rid of it without paying dues from your past and current karma. Once you achieve the karmic balance you lead a better life. Saturn will show very slow results as it is planet of extreme patience and it will judge you on patience only. Nothing will come at once. Gemstone of Saturn is Blue Sapphire (Neelam). Also, read more about how Saturn Vimshottari Dasha influence the birth chart.

Let us see what Saturn in 12th house brings to you. Former President of USA Mr. Donald Trump birth chart has this placement.

Positives of Saturn in 12th house:

This native will prefer to stay alone most of the time. They generally don’t seek help from others even when in need. But they are very generous to others. People can take advantage of this nature. Native will also have interest in politics and it can be a career option also.

12th house represents detachment from the native place, in the form of long-distance travel, foreign gains from foreign connection; native may go abroad for higher studies and may also settle there. Native can also be indulging in import, export, international tourism, and business etc.

Due to the nature of 12th house such person will be interested in doing social charitable work such as working in charitable organizations, monastery, old age center, rehabilitation center, prison etc.

Negatives of Saturn in 12th house:

In astrology 12th house is popularly known as house of loss but loss here should be taken as detachment or sacrifice, this detachment or sacrifice can be physical and non physical in the form of separation or death. 12th house belongs to all kind of bed pleasures such as sex, sleep, dream etc. Saturn in 12th house may give trouble sleeping and when native does sleep he may encounter weird kind of dreams making his sleep less enjoyable. Native may also feel sexual dissatisfaction in his married life or otherwise.

Saturn aspects from 12th house:

From its sitting position Saturn aspects the 2nd house, 6th house, & 9th house.

3rd aspect on 2nd house:

This aspect may cause financial and professional issues. Native may have very deprived childhood and later in life he may struggle to acquire basic material things in life. However, this will make them very serious about their finances in life and they will make sure that their loved ones never suffer from the same problem. Such kind of financial experience may also give obsession of money where native will try to save more and spend less even on basic things and this may lead to depression also.

7th aspect on 6th house:

This aspect is not good not bad. 6th house is Mercury house and Saturn is comfortable in the friend’s house. However, this aspect makes the person too serious in life. Native will take too much pressure to be successful whether it is required or not. He will be unable to enjoy the small moments of life and his relationship with loves ones can also go for toss. Such attitude can also create serious health issues which may become worse. Native may be too serious about his eating habits.

10th aspect on 9th house:

This is very good aspect. 9th house represents religion, spiritualism, one’s view towards life, luck and fortune. These individuals will have philosophical view of life. These people are very intelligent and have their own set of concept of religion, God, spiritualism and belief. They have stubborn attitude and don’t have much flexibility when it comes to adapt. They have deep interest in occult sciences. 9th house also represents long travel; it could be foreign country or religious places. If Saturn is in good shape in this house then it will definitely help in foreign settlement. This placement also gives them good education and higher success. They generally have good long life.


Overall results will depend upon the lord of the 12th house whether it is friendly or enemy and what kind of aspect 12th house is receiving. In extreme cases if this placement is too malefic, person’s life will be too turbulent and native may have a very tragic end of his life or commit suicide too.

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