Saturn in 1st House of Your Origin of Life

Astrological Meaning of the Saturn in 1st house:

This is one of Saturn’s most significant positions as Saturn is in ascendant. As you know Saturn means limitations, frustrations, humiliation, disappointments, miseries, mental worries, delays, and brittleness of the life before any result. However, it is also true it gradually takes you to the path of spirituality beyond materialism. If Saturn is well placed or aspected, it gives great success in business related to article of Saturn such as agriculture or in govt. job or in education etc. Well placed Saturn also gives money through inheritance. Weak Saturn may give serious health problems or death of loved ones. Saturn keeps one away from materialism, so person is materialistic by nature, this placement is going to be more challenging as more he will run towards materialism more it will slip away.

1st house in astrology is called the ascendant, beginning of your life and your journey of life. This house explores the key answers of the questions like who you are, what will you do, what do you think etc. Your physical body, constitution, body complex, overall appearance, your soul, spirituality, health, age span etc all belong here. It is first Kendra house of your chart. It is also considered one of the Trikona houses. It is also known as Vishnu or Lakshmi sthan.

It tells about your childhood, your nature, behavior, fame, dignity, state of happiness/sorrow. Your head, brain, hair belongs here. It is house of your self-effort means whatever you will earn through your own. It tells about your knowledge, intelligence, and your ambition status.

Some Negative Effects:

  • Saturn in 1st house makes a person slow, steady, little sad or serious but disciplined in life. Strong possibility that the person will suffer from some kind of bad health in childhood or infancy. He may have a challenging childhood. Person could be lazy and unpleasant in his lifestyle.
  • These people are very calculative in nature, get easily provoked and do not hesitate to show aggression even if it is not logical.
  • Saturn aspects directly to the 7th house of marriage so delay in marriage is always on the cards and it will somehow earn him a bad reputation from the opposite sex. Person may receive sorrow or separation from a wife or partner. There could also be loss of wife or kids.
  • Not to mention, with Saturn in the 1st house, there is going to be waits, delays, limitations, frustrations and boundaries at every step. Native has to work hard and long before any accomplishment. Even this hard earned money can also be stolen or robbed from him.
  • Person may be lazy, immoral, gangster, alcoholic, or tricky. He may have to go through imprisonment. He may have an inadequate limb.
  • In case Saturn is weak in the chart then a person may be weak personality avoiding responsibility, difficulties, and serious matters in life. Such person will always be looking for some kind of support in the life.
  • As a Saturn rule, these natives look serious and independent from their childhood. It gives the reflection of a mature child which is not true as their inner child continuously crave for constant attention, warmth and parental affection. However, they might not get the same and they grow up to be a harsh character, although child at heart. They wait for attention and affection throughout their life under the guise of seriousness, detachment, business efficiency.


Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 1st House:

  • Saturn in the 1st House of the horoscope tells us about a person who is very serious about himself, to search for his place in life. As a rule, these are serious, seasoned, disciplined people. Due to Saturn firmness, these individual are very determined even under the worst possible conditions. Saturn gives them enough mental and physical ability to cope up with adversaries.
  • These individuals are very traditional and old school in their approach; they rarely dress or talk impressive. However, for them person’s personal attributes are more important than outer appearance and they respect of those who deserve it.
  • These people prefer to be lonely and silent but they are also good and trustworthy human being as long as they are not cheated by others. If they feel others are taking advantage of the same, they immediately break off the relationship.
  • They will most probably in the business related to Saturn rather than job. With Saturn in the 1st house everything in life is going to be slow but steady. For such people growth in life generally starts after 36 yrs of age. He will be wedded late in life and spouse may also be little mature or overage.
  • He can be long-lived if Saturn is powerful.

Saturn aspects from 1st house:

Aspect on 7th house:

7th house is the house of relationships, not only marriage but any type of professional or personal partnership where you work together with mutual commitment. Primarily 7th house is considered and consulted for marriage so this placement is going to affect your marital prospect or life.

Aspect on 3rd house:

This aspect can bring a good success in livelihood, gains, profits, and fulfillment and can help attain higher goals. However, as per default Saturn nature there will be trials and delays. This aspect will provide required motivation and ability to the native to work hard and face challenges. If Saturn is in good shape, native can be a writer, he will have good communication abilities, and deep interest in occult sciences. However, native will be of very reserved nature and not open to people easily. This aspect also provides good possibility of foreign travel. Whatever good things will happen it will happen late in life.

Aspect on 10th house:

Saturn is karak of 10th house, this aspect is good. This aspect makes the person leader, dominating, ambitious and workaholic. Person could be great business man due to his great business sense. Person will not take life for granted and will work hard to achieve his goals which ultimately bring success, name, fame, status and stability in life. Saturn represents father, 10th Saturn will make the person great father. He will be very serious about the the growth of his child.

Saturn in 1st House of Your Origin of Life
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