Saturn in 2nd House of Horoscope – Your Financial Struggle

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 2nd House:

Saturn in Astrology is our limitations and boundaries to the features of sitting house. Saturn gives not so auspicious results in 2nd house of horoscope. Money will not come easily, that is why native may be a miser. Native may accumulate good wealth; however, he will not be able to use it for his own pleasure. This position can also give poverty to the native in some cases. Finance will be continuous struggle for native due to Saturn presence. This placement can give problem with speech; native may have dirty, abusive or harsh language. He can get more benefit from the business related to Saturn such as iron, other metals, lime, oil, stone, coal and minerals etc. With this placement, 8th house and planet in 8th house becomes more significant and will decide many events of native’s life as Saturn from here aspects the 8th house and it is also Karak (significator) of the 8th house as well.

Some Negative Effects:

  • Native may not have a great childhood. His family will be conservative and disciplined. Native’s family may not be financially sound and keeps struggling with their financial issues.
  • If overall placement is ok then person will have good wealth, but nothing will come so easily and he has to work his blood and sweat for the same. Native may fail in business, looses good opportunities, may get little profit for all his hard work, will be abusive to others. This also makes him greedy who is ready to earn money by hook or by crook.
  • However, if placement is bad or afflicted or there is some other problem, native may be poor or deprived of good money. Money may become his lifelong problem.
  • Native may have two marriages. However, he may have a sad domestic & married life. He will never trust and respect the spouse. Family problems, circumstances, and long travels will mostly keep native away from the family. Native will not be able to develop connect with the family due to frequent arguments and misunderstandings.
  • Native will be fond of non-veg, alcohol and smoking etc. Native will have tendency to tell lies. There may be an irrelevant fear to lose money. He needs to be careful from his friend circle as they may desert him in the time of need.
  • Native may accumulate money somehow, however, it will take him good time to buy land or own house due to planetary delays.
  • Not necessarily, but it is possible to have some kind of eye, mouth, bone ailments.
  • Generally, it is said that life of person with 2nd house Saturn improves only after the age of 35, settle elsewhere and enjoy wealth, vehicles, and the comforts of life.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 3rd House:

  • Since native would have seen financial struggle in the childhood, he will be very keen and hardworking to earn and save good finances in life.
  • Saturn in 2nd house makes native good with money management. These people believe in savings and they are quite practical when it comes to spending.
  • This placement helps with money accumulation but in a Saturn way – very hard way.
  • Native will be fond of material pleasures.
  • If Saturn is in good shape, native may receive ancestral property.
  • Such people can get more profit from the old items or speculation such as share market and other high risk investments.
  • With Saturn in your second house, you shall be wise, just and very kind.
  • Saturn will make one very patient with life; person will love old values & traditions.
  • Saturn will teach that money may not give you desired happiness and one has to love human beings and human values in order to see happiness around.
  • This position makes native soft spoken due to which it will be easier for him to get the work done from others.

Saturn aspects from 3rd house:

Aspect on 4th house:

4th house aspect may give problems during childhood. It is majorly related to the mother; it could be mother’s health, separation from mother or a bad mother.

Aspect on 8th house:

8th house is considered as dushsthana. It represents longevity, hidden things, inheritance, sudden income, accident and mysterious things. Remember Saturn is a karak planet of 8th house. Well placed Saturn aspect on 8th house gives longevity which makes the person long-lived and provide good health too. Makes the person hard working and there is good scope of inheritance benefit. This aspect can make the person very spiritual and detached from materialism. Aspect on 8th house combined with aspect on 5th house give the person lack of marital pleasure as 5th house is romance, 8th house is marriage and sex and Saturn creates hurdle. Late marriage is definitely on the cards. Native may be very good with machines. Native may be a government servant, contractor or any work which involves working with labor.

Aspect on 11th house:

This is again a very good aspect. It is Saturn’s own house. 11th house is one of upachaya houses and house of profit. This aspect may give a lot of wealth and success late in life. Native will have a very big social circle full of influential people and politicians. His health will be very good. However, there are chances that native will be tired of all this success and materialism and choose a different path.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 2nd house, aspect of other planets, their placement houses, exaltation, debilitation, aspects, Nakshatra, lordship, conjunction, degree etc.

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