Saturn in 3rd House of Horoscope – One Of The Best Placements

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 3rd House:

Saturn is harsh, gives difficulties, hurdles and delays, test one’s patience and endurance, teaches life lessons, make simple and practical in life before taking towards the success in the end.

3rd house deals with siblings, colleagues, schoolmates, primary-secondary education, and communication etc. It also discusses short trips, transportation, and all practical things. This house plays a vital role in native’s education and profession. It represents courage, physical strength, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, writing and communicative capability etc. 3rd house is also one of the Dusthsthan (bad house) and Upachaya house so malefic planets are considered good here.

This is one of the best positions for Saturn; push the individual to hard work, gives courage to face difficulties of life. Individual may face a lot of hurdles, delay or opposition but will ultimately come out with flying colors. This is the 6th position from the 10th house, which rules career thus native will come a long way in his career to become very successful in life in a Saturn way. Individual will be known and respected in society for hard work and intelligence. It is always advisable for these individuals not to go into partnership business of any kind. Native is usually serious, orderly and very focused in life. These people prefer privacy or isolation. They are brilliant strategist and analyst. These natives are best to differentiate between right and wrong. They would attain good affluence and positions in life.

Some Negative Effects:

  1. These natives are speech shy from their childhood and it is not easy to them to stand up in the class and talk even if they want to. In other words they have speech fear which improves by the time.
  2. Their childhood is not very memorable, they felt unappreciated, underestimated for their way of thinking. It’s possible this gave them an inferiority complex as no one heard them and they may have learned to remain silent.
  3. Since they are not very social, they will have very less or insufficient influential contacts and they are likely to be very alone. Loneliness will bring pessimism and depression at times.
  4. People with this placement feel depressed at time with reason or without. This is because of Saturn; these feelings of depression come since childhood as childhood may not be very memorable. However, this state of depression and pessimism will improve as the time and age passes by.
  5. Another social factor is their relationships with siblings and relatives; it will not be very good. Siblings or relatives will not prove to be of much help anyways in native’s life rather he will be disappointed from them most of the times.
  6. It is said that the native should be careful while driving.
  7. These people are good with communication but they are not very communicative so it is very difficult for them to call or text someone just to say hi-hello.
  8. These natives believe their opinions will get seriously criticized; they feel insecure and would prefer to remain silent about their feelings or thoughts.
  9. This placement of Saturn creates hurdles in education, native may not be able to complete education or it may get delayed or he may not attain higher education. This will affect the career.
  10. This placement may cause some serious damage to married life. Native will offer every support and trust to your partner but will eventually get hurt. Native will keep looking for true love.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 3rd House:

  1. Good news is, if not afflicted, it gives mostly positive and less negative results.
  2. These natives are very good with those tasks where they don’t need to interact much with their colleagues and superiors. They manage to obtain results faster than others because they always mind their own business.
  3. These natives are generally strict, orderly (just like Saturn), have a brilliant mind and they are expert of strategy and analysis.
  4. Native will face many hurdles and disturbances with his efforts in achieving something in life, but eventually he will come out with flying colors and success.
  5. Their attention to details is absolutely outstanding plus they speak very less as and when required only. However, whatever and whenever they speak selection of words are brilliant, sentences are short and to-the-point and people want to hear them. However, they are polite and reserved in their words to not hurt anybody.
  6. Whatever profession he is into, native will be dedicated, disciplined, active and punctual about his duty and responsibilities.
  7. Saturn in the 3rd house makes the person very logical; native will have different concept, view and belief for the topics like charity, religion, right and wrong.
  8. If placement is overall good then native may be wealthy, interested in politics, serving low class and working for the welfare of masses as Saturn represents people of low class.
  9. Native will be popular among females.
  10. Since they speak less and listen more, they constantly generate new ideas which is the secret to their success.
  11. Saturn makes them very patience and tolerant which gives them very stable mind and they give and take time to tackle any situation in life.
  12. People born with Saturn in the third house in their birth chart are precise, resilient and capable of seeing things in depth. They can organize very efficiently and deal with life in the most traditional and conservative way.
  13. Saturn in 3rd house doesn’t let the native be in a job or service for a long time, and he will eventually have their own business. Worldly success will come after the age of 32.
  14. This house also promotes courage. It’s the house of one’s willpower and efforts, that is, where one’s efforts will be and how much effort will he put in his work. This is also the house of longevity since it’s 8th from the 8th house.
  15. If Saturn is sharing space with the Sun, it may damage the relationship with your father. On the brighter side, it will inspire you to develop new work strategies to accomplish it.
  16. You may find opportunities to work abroad. Or you may go on business-related trips. If you have debilitated Saturn in the 3rd house, it may harm the relations with your siblings or close friend. Saturn’s presence may delay your success but as far as you are dedicated to working, you may find success at a higher level.
  17. The 3rd house Saturn may turn fortune in your favor only if you put on the hard work.

Saturn aspects from 3rd house:

Aspect on 5th house:

Fifth house represents love life, children and other pleasures. This aspect makes the native devoid of fun, love or other pleasures. Native may be too serious about life and its responsibilities that he will forget to enjoy the small moments of life. At the same time this aspect will also make him calm, spiritual, charitable and he will look for the meaning & purpose of life. There could be problem in childbirth.

Aspect on 9th house:

This is very good aspect. 9th house represents religion, spiritualism, one’s view towards life, luck and fortune. These individuals will have philosophical view of life. These people are very intelligent and have their own set of concept of religion, God, spiritualism and belief. They have stubborn attitude and don’t have much flexibility when it comes to adapt. They have deep interest in occult sciences. 9th house also represents long travel; it could be foreign country or religious places. If Saturn is in good shape in this house then it will definitely help in foreign settlement. This placement also gives them good education and higher success. They generally have good long life.

Aspect on 12th house:

12th house aspect will keep your enemies under control. But person may face problems related with foreign land such as education, profession or settlement. There could be sleep issues.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 3rd house, aspect of other planets, their placement houses, exaltation, debilitation, aspects, Nakshatra, lordship, conjunction, degree etc.

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