Saturn in 4th House of Horoscope – A Malefic Planet in the House of Happiness

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 4th House:

4th house is one of the Kendra houses and significator (karak ) of mother, mind, vehicle, property, education, good sleep, good clothes, good food, plenty of fun, luxuries of life, chest, heart and everything good etc. Its lord is Moon, and it is one of the liberation (Moksh) houses of your kundli. Being a Kendra and auspicious house, Saturn like harsh planet is not appreciated here and it will bring its harsh, rude & dry style of functioning to the features of this house. Native will be very conservative and traditional with his lifestyle.

Some Negative Effects:

  • Saturn will cause stress and disturb mental peace for different reasons. Person may have trouble having good sleep frequently due to mental stress. Person may not have good appetite. He may be in constant state of worry.
  • Saturn is a disciplined planet and it will not let you have the luxuries of life without paying your karmic debt.
  • Saturn may trouble the parents especially mother of native and there could be prolong health issues and native may have to take care of them well in their old age. This will cause financial as well as emotional burden on native.
  • It is possible that native relationships with mother or parents are not good. Parents may have cold relations with native. There is possibility of native’s grandparents raising him. Native will not have any good memories of his childhood.
  • It also represents your mother land or home; it is possible that native will leave the motherland or home early in the life.
  • Native may not have the privilege of having any parental property or inheritance. Saturn will also give tough time to own or buy a house.
  • Saturn is not an emotional planet and gives dry nature. Native also need to beware of his friend circle.
  • Vehicles may also cause troubles or accidents.
  • School/college level education may not be regular, native will have tough time with early education.
  • Marital life may not be very great due to frequent family issues. Also spouse may look little older than native. Break-up is also possible.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 4th House:

  • He will get career success in foreign land.
  • Saturn here is good for realty business and native may earn well from real estate.
  • Being one of the liberation houses, and teachings it brings you through sufferings; it also makes you spiritual in life.
  • 4th house also represents vehicles; native might deal into transport business or tour and travel agency.
  • If this placement is supportive then native may be lucky in real estate business.
  • Saturn will also help native with unexpected gain.
  • Generally 2nd part of the life will be far better than 1st
  • This placement gives good wisdom and makes a person intelligent and responsible and he becomes more mature to face the adversities of life.
  • Although native may face initial trouble with education but this placement also promises higher degree in the Saturn related subjects like law, justice, philosophy etc.
  • Native will have a very simple lifestyle and he will be very traditional in his approach towards life.

Saturn aspects from 4th house:

Aspect on 6th house:

This aspect is not good not bad. 6th house is Mercury house and Saturn is comfortable in the friend’s house. However, this aspect makes the person too serious in life. Native will take too much pressure to be successful whether it is required or not. He will be unable to enjoy the small moments of life and his relationship with loved ones can go for toss. Such attitude can also create serious health issues which may become worse. Native may be too serious about his eating habits.

Aspect on 10th house:

Saturn is karak of 10th house, this aspect is good. This aspect makes the person leader, dominating, ambitious and workaholic. Person could be great business man due to his great business sense. Person will not take life for granted and will work hard to achieve his goals which ultimately bring success, name, fame, status and stability in life. Saturn represents father, 10th Saturn will make the person great father. He will be very serious about the the growth of his child.

Aspect on 1st house:

Aspect on 1st house makes the native cunning but ethical too, makes the person materialistic, gives lot of wealth but makes the person thrifty too. This aspect can make the person very popular in society. Saturn is very slow planet so whatever will happen it will happen gradually with lot of patience.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 4th house, aspect of other planets, their placement houses, exaltation, debilitation, aspects, Nakshatra, lordship, conjunction, degree etc.

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