Saturn in 5th House of Horoscope – Not So Good Placement

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 5th House:

5th house is one of the trine houses of your birth chart and considered very auspicious. Presence of Saturn like malefic planet in the house of happiness is going to give you troubles. 5th house in astrology is all about Children, Higher Education, Analytical Bent of Mind, Intelligence, Speculative Gains, Spiritual Pursuits, Stomach Area, Romance, Happiness from Children, Sports.

In the body it represents Stomach, Liver, Spine and Pregnancy; all problems regarding your digestive system, the body parts which belong to Belly belong to the 5th house.

Leaving few houses where Saturn is comfortable, in most of the houses Saturn creates a delay or hindrances as per your past karmas. Saturn is considered a malefic planet and it will not let you benefit from the feature of its sitting house easily.

The 5th house is governed by the Leo sign and Leo is ruled by the Sun. Sun and Saturn are enemies in Vedic astrology. Saturn is not comfortable in the house of the Sun due to this enmity. Therefore it will bring hurdles, delays, despair, fear and depression related to the significations of the 5th house.

But Saturn is a planet of Justice. It finally rewards those who are honest, consistent, and poised. Saturn will certainly give them their fruits of patience. These people need to learn to have some fun in life regardless of anything, but it will not be easy.

Some Negative Effects:

  1. Expression of your mind belongs to 5th house as it is 2nd house (mind) from 4th house (house of mentality). So it indicates your personal nature, mental nature, emotional feelings, love, hate etc. Saturn is a very dry and neutral planet without emotions. 5th Saturn may devoid you from the emotional feelings. You may not know what is romance, love, affection etc. People may consider you very rude. These people will often feel that nobody loves them.
  2. Memory, knowledge, learning capabilities all belong to 5th house. Educational learning, teaching ability, advising ability belong to 5th house. Person may keen to acquire some higher education but may face continuous problems of different kind and finally drop it.
  3. Sun is the natural owner of this house, and it is also 9th house from 9th house (fame) where Sun is karak planet. Its enmity with Saturn will cause trouble in one’s reputation. Person needs to take care of his doing – right & wrong.
  4. 5th house is 10th house from 8th house so it signifies speculation ability, However, Saturn here is a warning against any speculative thinking. Person is sure to get hurt.
  5. 5th house is 8th (loss) from your 10th (profession) house, so it signifies troubles in the professional career.
  6. Past life deeds also belongs to 5th house and Saturn here means you are indebted from your previous life for the house where Saturn is sitting. You have to put lot of effort to repay your past karmas.
  7. 5th house is basically a house of fun but Saturn will spoil this. These people will take life too seriously thinking life is all about working and nobody is allowed to have fun.
  8. This person is not going to have good relations with parents especially father. Also they will not find parenting a comfortable job or may not attached to the children. If they can overcome obstacles of Saturn, they can become great lovers and parents.
  9. Saturn is going to give trouble with pregnancy, late child birth, troubled child birth, early delivery is possible. Also new born may bring some trouble to the family initially.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 5th House:

  1. A good thing about Saturn here is that it makes people modest as they will not be talking too much about themselves.
  2. Your devotion, faith in religion, God is seen from here as it is also 9th from 9th house. Presence of Saturn. In this case Saturn is good as it will give you an opportunity to evolve in life and rise above materialism.
  3. Ministerial post (advisory), or any such post required advising ability in an MNC or Govt job belongs to 5th house. Saturn here may give you government job.
  4. Putting too much focus on work will make them successful in what they do. Being work centric make them great leaders and industry professionals.
  5. They may be boring but they take too much interest in what others like to do for fun as it makes them feel good.
  6. They want to be loved as they feel emptiness inside but they can’t express it so anyone with a little pinch of love will instantly connect with them.
  7. This is enemy house and Saturn here will work against the enemies so it is good placement to win over rivalry.
  8. This house also belongs to political gain/loss. Saturn here will give you some political favor from influential people.

Saturn aspects from 5th house:

Aspect on 7th house:

7th house aspect may create some issues related to marriage such as late marriage or lack of marital pleasure. On the other hand it gives you a durable but very routine oriented marriage. Both partners will feel the pressure of responsibility of marital life.

Aspect on 11th house:

This is again a very good aspect. It is Saturn’s own house. 11th house is one of upachaya houses and house of profit. This aspect may give a lot of wealth and success late in life. Native will have a very big social circle full of influential people and politicians. His health will be very good. However, there are chances that native will be tired of all this success and materialism and choose a different path.

Aspect on 2nd house:

This aspect may cause financial and professional issues. Native may have very deprived childhood and later in life he may struggle to acquire basic material things in life. However, this will make him very serious about finances in life and he will make sure that his loved ones never suffer from the same problem. Such kind of financial experience may also give obsession of money where native will try to save more and spend less even on basic things and this may lead to depression also.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 5th house, aspect of other planet on 5th house and their placement houses.

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