Saturn in 6th House of Horoscope – Makes You Workaholic

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 6th House:

Saturn does not have good reputation in the eyes of common man mainly due to its bad publicity by known or unknown. Saturn’s main job is to keep you in control and realize you the value and meaning of life and time. It keeps checking your conduct, rewards for good, punishes for bad, restrict and limit your desires. 6th house represents career, profession, colleagues, professionalism, attitude towards life, health problems etc.

And you already know Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn which may help to subside the negativity.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 6th House:

  1. Saturn is comfortable in the 6th house. 6th Saturn makes the person workaholic and very serious towards professional life, goals and commitments.
  2. They work hard and seek appreciation and recognition and they do get it. 6th Saturn protects the individual against competitors and rivals.
  3. Such natives generally have good and big social circle. The person gets good support from co-workers, staff, or colleague.
  4. Saturn will also help the person to maintain good rapport with govt. officers, trade unions, political leaders and bureaucrats which will further help him to achieve his professional ambitions.
  5. Saturn protects the individual against any medical emergency and help in quick healing

Some Negative Effects:

  1. 6th Saturn makes the person workaholic may probably work for & against the native. Working too much comes with worry and anxiety that can impact the well-being.
  2. Desire to be ahead from the competition, or proving oneself in the eyes of seniors may affect the person’s personal life and relations with family members and loved ones.
  3. In other words, he may be earning well but he will not be living life. They won’t have time for other things in life.
  4. No doubt, these are successful individuals but success may come at a cost.
  5. Native will have a big friend circle due to his professional desires. However, these friends may consume native’s lot of time & energy and it may further implicate the domestic life.
  6. This person’s partner may accuse him for infidelity or extra marital relationship.  Overall, this person needs to be very careful and sensitive for his family responsibilities.
  7. 6th house represents mother’s brother (Mama) or sister (Mami). 6th Saturn does not give good relations with either of them and a bitter confrontation is always possible in the long run.

Saturn aspects from 6th house:

Aspect on 8th house:

8th house is considered as dushsthana. It represents longevity, hidden things, inheritance, sudden income, accident and mysterious things. Remember Saturn is a karak planet of 8th house. Well placed Saturn aspect on 8th house gives longevity which makes the person long-lived and provide good health too. Makes the person hard working and there is good scope of inheritance benefit. This aspect can make the person very spiritual and detached from materialism. Aspect on 8th house combined with aspect on 5th house give the person lack of marital pleasure as 5th house is romance, 8th house is marriage and sex and Saturn creates hurdle. Late marriage is definitely on the cards. Native may be very good with machines. Native may be a government servant, contractor or any work which involves working with labor.

Aspect on 12th house:

12th house aspect will keep your enemies under control. But person may face problems related with foreign land such as education, profession or settlement. There could be sleep issues.

Aspect on 3rd house:

Aspect on 3rd house can bring a good success in livelihood, gains, profits, and fulfillment and can help attain higher goals. However, as per default Saturn nature there will be trials and delays. This aspect will provide required motivation and ability to the native to work hard and face challenges. If Saturn is in good shape, native can be a writer, he will have good communication abilities, and deep interest in occult sciences. However, native will be of very reserved nature and not open to people easily. This aspect also provides good possibility of foreign travel. Whatever good things will happen it will happen late in life.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 6th house, aspect of other planet on 6th house and their placement houses.

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