Saturn in 7th House of Horoscope – A Test of Your Relationship Skills

7th house is the house of relationships, not only marriage but any type of professional or personal partnership where you work together with mutual commitment. Primarily 7th house is considered and consulted for marriage so this placement is going to affect your marital prospect or life.

And you already know Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn which may help to subside the negativity.

Astrological Meaning of Saturn in the 7th House:

It is not such a bad placement. Saturn makes you serious, responsible, and practical in the relationship. You will soon understand if partnership is working or what measures can be taken to fix it or if it is practical enough to continue with this relationship. These people generally marry out sense of security in life rather than love. This is why the relationship may not be very healthy still they sustain it.

Overall Saturn here will keep testing your relationship with others on different parameters. It is possible that relationship ends, but it will give scope to start fresh in life with new approach.


Some Negative Effects:

  1. Strong chances of delayed marriage
  2. Getting married to a person older than you
  3. End of a failed relationship
  4. Divorce
  5. Continuance of an unhealthy relationship
  6. Burden of meeting the expectations of others
  7. Isolation and withdrawal from any kind of relationship for a long time
  8. Confrontation with partner
  9. Saturn will keep testing your relationship skills
  10. You may get married in need of emotional security than love.
  11. There could be a lack of excitement in the married life.
  12. Frequent quarrels and tensions in the early years of married life
  13. It creates an opportunity for extra-marital relationship
  14. There is a possibility of litigation in the partnership either business or marital.
  15. Saturn is associated with venereal infections and AIDS.
  16. In male chart, it may suggest a possibility of impotency.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 7th House:

  1. Good thing is seventh house represents Libra, whose lord Venus is friend of Saturn.
  2. People will recognize you for your skills and abilities
  3. You will also get rewarded for your achievement
  4. Individuals having Saturn in 7th house want a partner who’s practical, stable or very calm.
  5. That’s why they may marry someone older and with a good social position.
  6. When it comes to work, they’d do a great job as politicians, business people, lawyers and brokers.

Saturn aspects from 7th house:

From here Saturn aspects 9th house1st house and 4th house.

Aspect on 9th house:

This is very good aspect. 9th house represents religion, spiritualism, one’s view towards life, luck and fortune. These individuals will have philosophical view of life. These people are very intelligent and have their own set of concept of religion, God, spiritualism and belief. They have stubborn attitude and don’t have much flexibility when it comes to adapt. They have deep interest in occult sciences. 9th house also represents long travel; it could be foreign country or religious places. If Saturn is in good shape in this house then it will definitely help in foreign settlement. This placement also gives them good education and higher success. They generally have good long life.

Aspect on 1st house:

Aspect on 1st house makes the native cunning but ethical too, makes the person materialistic, gives lot of wealth but makes the person thrifty too. This aspect can make the person very popular in society. Saturn is very slow planet so whatever will happen it will happen gradually with lot of patience.

Aspect on 4th house:

4th house aspect may give problems during childhood. It is majorly related to the mother; it could be mother’s health, separation from mother or a bad mother.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 7th house, aspect of other planet on 7th house and their placement houses.

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