Saturn in 8th House of Horoscope – You Need Transformation

The 8th house is all about life; its unfairness, harshness, rudeness, death, and disease. Saturn is a no-nonsense very serious planet; wherever it sits it has life changing purpose. Saturn’s job is to delay or block the things to reach you and it has a purpose too. Saturn in the 8th house is a tough placement and it could mean that life is likely to be unfair to you and it is going to give you some scars which you will never forget.

And you already know Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn which may help to subside the negativity.

Saturn in 8th house can be a painful placement:

But nothing to worry as you will just payback your karma. And of course there are many other things to consider such as conjunctions, affliction, exaltation, debilitation, aspects, strength etc. This will be a journey of your identity transformation to realize you the brittleness and limitations of life. Saturn will force the person to strip away all his desires, wants, status, reputation, attachment, emotions and material possession to adapt to a new and changed person. This is not going to be easy as someone has said “there is no rebirth without death”.

Saturn here will make you face the darkest possible side of life but just to realize you how much unnecessary desires you have which you think you need but you don’t. Discipline is the second name of Saturn and it will teach you so. One thing is for sure, at the end of all this you will see real you. This process will also push you to the path of spiritualism and make you think about afterlife & reincarnation etc.

8th Saturn repercussions:

8th house is a very mysterious house and the only house of hidden things; things which even can’t be predicted may happen to you. Don’t worry it could also mean wealth. Inheritance is a very strong feature of 8th house. However, you may experience gains through the death of a family member or spouse. There will be a deep lesson in this financial surplus which you will see. At the same time there is always a danger for you to trap in a bad financial situation or loss of money. Get rid of is another strong feature of this house which means getting rid of your past burdens or liabilities and start new. There are strong chances of unhappy or broken marriage and consequently an incomplete sex life. There could be problem from spouse family side alleging native for dowry, harassment or torture etc. Native may involve in extra marital affair or outside sexual relations. Before reaching any conclusion, placement & strength of Venus needs to be checked.

Bad health or long term illness is definitely on the cards. Apart from this, person may face theft, legal charges, action, inquiry, investigation or imprisonment. Native may somehow be connected with criminals or smugglers. Person needs to be very careful from his friend circle as mostly will disappear in the time of need. This placement suggests issues from father side; death of father or a bad father.


On a positive note native is brave, courageous, hard worker, disciplined and possess excellent managerial abilities. Native will be very serious about his finances. He will be calm, spiritual, and charitable. This placement makes the person leader, dominating, ambitious and workaholic. Person could be great business man due to his great business sense. This position suggests a good foreign settlement.

In this placement Jupiter position matters a lot.

Saturn aspects from 8th house:

From here Saturn aspects 10th house, 2nd house and 5th house.

Aspect on 10th house:

Saturn is karak of 10th house, this aspect is good. This aspect makes the person leader, dominating, ambitious and workaholic. Person could be great business man due to his great business sense. Person will not take life for granted and will work hard to achieve his goals which ultimately bring success, name, fame, status and stability in life. Saturn represents father, 10th Saturn will make the person great father. He will be very serious about the the growth of his child.

Aspect on 2nd house:

This aspect may cause financial and professional issues. Native may have very deprived childhood and later in life he may struggle to acquire basic material things in life. However, this will make him very serious about finances in life and he will make sure that his loved ones never suffer from the same problem. Such kind of financial experience may also give obsession of money where native will try to save more and spend less even on basic things and this may lead to depression also.

Aspect on 5th house:

Fifth house represents love life, children and other pleasures. This aspect makes the native devoid of fun, love or other pleasures. Native may be too serious about life and its responsibilities that he will forget to enjoy the small moments of life. At the same time this aspect will also make him calm, spiritual, charitable and he will look for the meaning & purpose of life. There could be problem in childbirth.


These are general observations. Overall result will depend upon no. of planets in the 8th house, aspect of other planet on 8th house and their placement houses.

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