Saturn Vimshottari Dasha Interpretation

Vimshottari dasha of Saturn is of 19 years. This is a period when the person understands his limitations and the concept of mortality and it is very important to understand the Saturn vimshottari dasha interpretation. This period makes you understand the brittleness of the life and indulge you in the spirituality, dutifulness, honesty, and sincerity.

If Saturn is well placed, strong by sign, placed in Trikona (Traingle), Kendra or 11th house then great success is also possible as Saturn gives wealth from business related to article of Saturn (agriculture, education, govt. job, servants, old women, from West direction) through hard work. Hospitals, old people, inheritance, will and money matters will be prominent.

If Saturn is weak then there could be serious health problems or death of loved ones. The more materialistic the person is, the more difficult the Saturn mahadasha will be. If afflicted, person will be immoral, addicted to wine, lazy, gangster, or tricky. There could be humiliation, disappointments, late marriage, theft, loss of wealth, grief of wife & children, imprisonment, miseries, mental worries, and loss of property.

Blue Sapphire is the gemstone of Saturn which is worn in consultation with an astrologer.

There are different possible results of the antardasha of each planet in vimshottari dasha of Saturn:

Sun Antardasha

Positive: Favors from the employer, increased wealth, and acquisition of vehicles, cows and comforts, general positivity.

Negative: Heart disease, mental anguish, loss of residential place, separation from dear ones, general negativity.

Moon Antardasha

Positive: Prosperity, comforts to family member, general positivity.

Negative: Loss of wealth, separation from parents, illness to children, general negativity.

Mars Antardasha

Positive: Gain of wealth, benefits from lands and cattle, building of a new house, benefits from siblings, general positivity.

Negative: Danger from thieves, serpents, accidents and weapons, troubles to father and brother, loss of cattle, untimely death, and general negativity.

Mercury Antardasha

Positive: Name and fame, learning, gain of wealth, mental and physical comforts, travel to pilgrimage, general positivity.

Negative: Illness, mental anguish, general negativity.

Jupiter Antardasha

Positive: Accomplishment, acquisition of wealth, inclination toward God, religion, and study of scriptures, company of the learned, comforts to wife and son, general positivity.

Negative: Loss of wealth and dear ones, foreign travel, obstacles to profession, illness, mental anguish, imprisonment, general negativity.

Venus Antardasha

Positive: Fulfillment of desires, gain of wealth, comforts, good health, auspicious occasion, general positivity.

Negative: Loss of home, wife and fiends, illness, mental anguish, general negativity.

Saturn Antardasha

Positive: Rise in status, benefits to wife, acquisition of vehicles, general positivity.

Negative: Fear from poisons and weapons, bleeding disorders, mental anguish, untimely death, general negativity.

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