2nd House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

2nd House Lord in 1st House: if it is placed in lagna and lagna is strong then it gives good wealth yoga through one’s own effort and wisdom, it also makes the person well cultured and well behaved. Person will have good speaking abilities and he may be very vocal at times. Also he may earn through his speech. Being a marak house, 2nd lord in ascendant may give health problems.

Since it is 12th house from 2nd, native may live far from home for earning. He may have eyesight problem. If 2nd lord is with 9th lord the person will have parental property. Sometime this placement also causes more than one marriage.

2nd House Lord in 2nd House: it also works as first house lord placed in first house it also works as this is again a good gesture of wealth and richness through own efforts, wisdom, speaking power. If planets placement are real good, person will have vaak siddhi. Person will have attractive personality, good face, and charming voice. He will be interested in food. He may have good early education and will be well cultured and behaved.

2nd house lord in his own house reduces the marak effect of the second house if planets are good. It also signifies long life.

2nd House Lord in 3rd House: as per astrological rules, second house lord in third is known as Bhavat Bhavam and very good for the native if planets are good. It works in the same way of first house lord in second house. It signifies that person will earn the wealth through his own efforts, most likely with the help of younger siblings due to third house. Speech house lord is placed in third house communication house, he will have excellent communication skills, and may earn through the speaking abilities. If Venus is also supportive then person may become famous singer.

At the same time, third house is one of the dushsthan (evil house). Markesh lord is placed in dushsthan, which gives health trouble or sometimes life threat depending upon the planets. It also makes person courageous and good earner if any malefic planet is placed in third house, third house is good for malefic planets. This placement also gives short travels.

2nd House Lord in 4th House: this combination also works as first lord in third house. It may give good wealth, lands, vehicles, pleasure, and comfort if planets are good. Second house is speech, so it also makes person a very good speaker and thinker. Mr. Narendra Modi has his second lord Jupiter placed in the fourth house. Fourth is mother house, so native may get a lot of money/property from mother or mother will be rich. Second house is marak so it may also create health trouble for mother.

4th house relates to wife’s profession, it is possible that wife will earn good. Both the houses are education house giving a good education or high education. If Mars is good, native will earn through real estate. 4th is family house, and 2nd is wealth house, native may be born in royal rich family among all the comforts and will love and stay with his family.

2nd House Lord in 5th House: it is also like first house lord in fourth house. This placement shows that person will earn money due to his accumulated past good karmas (deeds). 2nd lord in fifth house aspects 11th house of earned wealth and profit, so person will definitely earn good money if planets are good. It also signified that person may earn money through his children or contribute in their earning efforts. Person will have good looking face and a good speech power. He will earn money through his speech and communication. Since 5th house also belong to speculation or sudden income, person may have unexpected source of money.

If planets are real good then the 2nd lord placement in the 5th house gives vaak siddhi.

2nd House Lord in 6th House also works as first house lord placed in fifth house so it is possible that past deeds will help in the earning potential. However, it is also possible that person may be earning through illegal or immoral way as 6th house is dusshsthan. There may be wealth related dispute or legal matters from others or family. Person’s uncle will be rich and native may enjoy his wealth. 2nd is speech house placed in 6th house, person may be expert in settlement of issues through speech. 6th house gives enemy; there could be enemies to his wealth or himself due to wealth related matter.

Since wealth lord is placed in disease and debt house, it is possible that person’s wealth is being spent on some disease or medication or some kind of hospitalization, he may also have eyes related issues. Also, he may be indebted or under some kind of loan to repay to others or he may be earning through loaning. 2nd house is markesh, and 1st house lord placed in 5th house is not good for children from health or otherwise.

2nd House Lord in 7th House also works as first house placed in sixth house. Wealth lord is placed in the wife house means person will get wealth through his wife via different mediums. It also works as 7th house as lagna and 2nd house as 8th house so it may not be good for the wife health. 7th house is sex house so person may spend his wealth to get sexual pleasure, 2nd house is sanskar (moral value) house so person or his wife may not be sexually moral and may have more than one relationship. Sometimes this placement also causes for second marriage depending upon some other factors.

7th is foreign house, person may go to or settle in foreign country to earn money; he may also marry a foreign woman. 2nd is family house which lord is placed in 7th indicates person will marry within family or have relationship with any family member. 7th is travel house, person may involve in traveling to make money. 2nd is social status, person may be socially famous and respected.

2nd House Lord in 8th House also works as first house placed in 7th house. Eight house is one of the dushsthans. It belongs to easy gains and inheritance, wealth lord placed here can give some unexpected income or wealth from inheritance, speculation, lottery etc. It is also accident and longevity house, means there may be sudden expenses on life or health related issues. Second house is continuance of marriage, and it is also 7th house (spouse) from 8th house, and eight house is about marital tie and so there may be problem or break up in the marriage life.

Eight house also relates to obstacles, disgrace, disappointments etc. There could be misunderstanding among the family members and lack of domestic happiness. Person may have to face obstacles or disappointments in the wealth related issues. 2nd house is family, so there could be issues in the family. Person may have food related issues such as eating problems. 2nd house is speech so there could be speech related issues or eye/vision related problem.

2nd House Lord in 9th House: it can also be read as first house lord in eight house. Wealth house lord in the trine house is considered auspicious. Ninth house is father’s house. Native’s father will be wealthy or help the native to earn wealth. However, on the other hand 2nd house is 6th house from 9th which is disease house so native father’s may have health problems. Native will have attachment with father. Ninth house is religion, so wealth will be invested in the religious activities. 2nd is family and wealth and 9th is foreign travel, native may have to go to or settle in foreign to earn fortune and take care of his family.

This placement also signifies good/higher education for the native. Such person will also involve in spiritual pursuit. This is also eight house from 2nd so not good for the marital tie or marriage continuance. There could be death of spouse or divorce depending upon the planet strength and placement.

2nd House Lord in 10th House: this also works as first house lord in the ninth house. It is considered good yoga if planets are in right position. Person will be rich, earn money through his own efforts, wisdom, speech, he may also start earning in an early age. He will be a successful professional and will be interested of starting his own business. 10th house related to government, so wealth may come from government sources. 10th house related to parental property, so native may get property from father. Person will be very popular in friends, family, and in the society.

If 2nd lord is afflicted then it may cause some problem to the father’s health.

2nd House Lord in 11th House: this placement can also be read as the first house in the tenth house. 2nd house wealth lord in the 11th profit house is considered very auspicious dhan yoga. This placement signifies a materialistic approach in money matters. Person will be very money minded and he will earn through many sources. He will also earn with the help of his elder siblings or friends as 11th is elder sibling and friends’ house. Person will be able to fulfill his all material desire through money.

2nd is speech house so person will be skilled to earn through his speech. 2nd is 4th house from 11th which is comfort house so person will be happy in terms of family happiness.

2nd House Lord in 12th House: it works as first house in the 11th house. 12th is expense house and 2nd is wealth so it means all the earned wealth will be spent in some ways. But it is also 1st house lord in the 11th house which gives good earning potential so there will be good earning as well. 2nd is pleasure house, 12th is bed pleasure so person may spend money on sexual desire etc.

12th house is also spiritual and religion house so person will spend the money on the religious things. This placement may also send the person to the foreign to earn money. 12th house belongs to hospital, so there could be expenditure on the hospitalization or person may also earn through hospitals. Person may have eye problem. 12th is also illegal or immortal house so person may earn through some immoral way. Person may not have helpful father.

2nd is markesh placed in 12th house which can give serious health trouble or shorter life span to the native.


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