Shrapit Yoga – Saturn Rahu Conjunction

As per the literature, the conjunction of Saturn and Rahu creates the Shrapit Yoga, even when Saturn and Rahu are aspecting each other, it results in this Dosha. Shrapit Dosh happens in the birth chart due to the bad karmas in the past lives. Further it is said that if this combination appears in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house the effects can be more as compared to when it appears in the 3rd, 6th, or 11th house. Rahu and Saturn are two heavyweights so their results are heavyweight too, Rahu is virtual planet and gets the energy from the Saturn when in conjunction. Saturn, Rahu conjunction is generally favorable if placed in Capricorn or Aquarius – the Saturn’s own sign.

However, there is no classical reference to this yoga in ancient astrology. Depending on the sign and house placement this yogs gives good result too. For Libra Ascendant people Saturn is yogakaraka planet, if Saturn is placed in the 5th or 9th house then it means the person has rajyoga and if Saturn placed with Rahu then its means rajyoga gets amplified. This creates Nagmani yoga which gives a lots of black money so person will be rich and wealthy. But if this yoga/dosha is not in harmony to your chart then it can give great amount of fear due to wrong deeds that have done in past life. Generally Rahu & Saturn are planets of struggle, pain, sorrow, so when they come together results can be magnified.

Overall it depends on many other things like which house, which rashi, which aspect, which nakshatra this placement happens. Saturn is a slow moving planet which gives you life lessons, Rahu is a fast planet believes in fast deliveries of results. It can make you rich overnight. Rahu with Saturn may give a lot of opportunities in foreign land as Rahu is the planet of foreign and Saturn represents separation. Saturn believes in law & order, Rahu believes in not following them so it may create a person who does not follow rules and regulations. Saturn represents loss and misfortune. Most of the labor related occupation is dominated by Saturn. Saturn is also one of the significators of land & property. So person may have trouble in all these areas due to Saturn-Rahu conjunction.
Apart from the above mentioned houses, this conjunction is also not good in the 9th house of religion/rules/fortune. Its effects are debatable among different astrologers. Some say it works even wonder minimizing the effects of other bad yogas in your kundli. This combination can be a big booster for career in the technology but native may not be able to enjoy success. The word shrapit seems to be devised by some astrologers to invoke the seriousness in the people regarding bad karmas.

A birth chart should be analyzed carefully and completely, moreover, Rahu and Saturn are two friendly planets and the overall general result of the conjunction is positive rather than negative. As per astrological principal two malefics become one benefic. Even in Nadi astrology no malefic effects have been mentioned. You will find this combination in majority of horoscopes of the people born in year 1978/1979/1980.

Malefics planet generally trouble us to repay our debts due to bad deeds in the previous birth. Still, as Saturn and Rahu are malefic planets, one should assess their effects on kundli carefully and there is no harm to perform any puja or other remedy.

It is said that Jupiter is the only planet who can deal with this combination if strong in the kundli.

Gautam Trehan

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