Study of Planets in Astrology

Before you would like to learn how to read horoscope or kundli; it is prerequisite that you understand the study of planets in astrology as how they work in terms of your kundli. The planetary influences are very systematic in the birth chart. The most important aspect of the birth chart, perhaps, is the ascending sign. Everything revolves around the ascending sign and it tells half of the story already. It tells us:

(i) Placement of planets in various houses of the horoscope.
(ii) Nature of various planets (good or bad)
(iii) Planetary conjunctions (proximity of the planets)
(iv) How they aspect each other
(v) Functional malefic & benefic
(vi) Sun like planets

As we know some houses are good and some are bad (i.e. 6, 8, 12) ruling odds of the life such as financial difficulties, diseases, losses etc. So technically, planets placed in these houses are little in trouble and cannot help the person as they become weak and afflicted.

Planets are read through their current transit (Gochar), running Mahadasha-Sub Period, conjunctions and aspects. The placement of a planet in a particular house links the significations of the house ruled by it with the significations of its house of placement. For example, if Jupiter being the lord of 5th house is placed in 6th house it may create trouble in child birth, higher education etc.

Planets are of three types strong, weak and afflicted. Strong planets bring good results and progress as per their nature and placement; weak planets cause delays/problems; influence of planets ruling bad houses on other planets makes them afflicted planets.

Further sub-periods are more important than mahadasha for long term results, planets bless with their results as per their strength in their sub periods. Short terms results are seen by the transit movement of planets. The transit influences supersede the sub period results.

We have two sets of planets – Functional benefic planets and functional malefic planets. Both sets of planet gives good results pertaining to their significations, if they are strong without any affliction and weakness. When the functional benefic or malefic planets are weak they become source of problems for the significations ruled by them during the transit period. If functional malefic planets closely influence other planets, they also cause harm to these planets and their significations.

Also understand general significations of the planet:

1. We identify the functional nature of planets.
2. We identify the strength of planets
3. We identify the relationship of planets through conjunctions, aspects and placements.
4. We find out the current sub period and analyze its results.
5. We examine the current triple transit in the birth chart.

For example, let us check this horoscope:

study of the planets

As you can see in the above kundli, it is Saggitarius lagna kundli which means Rahu, Ketu, and Moon are the functional malefic planets and rest of the planets are functional benefic.

Ascendant is rising at 2 degree 3 minutes which becomes the most effective point in the chart.

Saturn acts like a Sun-like-planet and will give magnified results for its signification.

Now as per astrological rule we will check the lordship of the houses from the placement of a mooltrikona sign in a particular house. There could be more than one house for any particular aspect of life in the natal chart, but we consider only the lord of the house with Mooltrikona sign as prime determinant of certain aspect.

Mars is the lord of fifth house (trine house) ruling intelligence, emotions, higher-education, creativity etc. It is well placed in the 10th house (angular house) and strong at 6 degree 51 minutes without any affliction. It is sitting with functional benefic and sun-like planet Saturn. Interestingly, Mars is also aspecting the 5th house directly with its eigth aspect. This person is very intelligent, creative, emotionally strong, will have good education, blessed with good children. It is also 9th house from the 9th from the principal of bhavat bhavam. Which means the success of 9th house will be also decided by the condition of 5th house. 9th house represents fortune, father, and long journey, so this person will have a good fortune, good father, and he will also travel a lot.

The strong planets are generally able to bless the natives with their general significations and the significations of the mooltrikona sign house ruled by them in the horoscope. The weak planets, whether functional benefic planets or functional malefic planets, are the causes of problems in one’s life generated through delays and less than expected levels of achievements.

Gautam Trehan

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