Sun in different Houses

Sun in 1st house:

Sun is a hot and fierce planet. It has a lot of energy. Let’s have a look at the performance of Sun in different houses.

First House shows character or self, so energy of Sun in the self could be good and bad.

Sun in the first house wants to be in the center of things at all times. Having Sun in the first house (not necessarily) signifies dynamic personality, brilliance, authoritative – highly social figure. He may have strong willpower and good leadership skills. Person could be a show stealer, have strong moral character, right-minded nature, ambition and love for power. The native is cheerful and very optimistic. Also he is quite popular. Sun in 1st house sees the seventh house of marriage, if Sun is good then married life will mostly be successful. Person may also benefit from the partnership business.

However, if Sun is afflicted these results will change accordingly. These people have better chances in politics. They cannot work as subordinate and need to have their own independent area. Sun in the first house makes the person EGOISTIC due to their success, power and position. These people are un-adjustable and have a bad temper, which in turn make them victim of their subordinates try to harm them. Due to easy success they become over confident of their decisions and create many enemies due to their outspoken character. Health wise there could be problem of eyes and hair.

At the same time, co-existence with Mars, Saturn, and Ketu like planets will create trouble. Gentle planets like Moon, Mercury and Jupiter will help. Sun in debilitated or bad state could lead to skin problems, skin burn, boils, blood impurities, frequent fevers, inflammations and eye infections.

Generally Sun in 1st House does good. Should also check the placement of Sun in navamansa kundli.

Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Keanu Reeves, Shahrukh Khan, Kate Winslet, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Walker, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Lionel Messi, Penélope Cruz, Jude Law, Lindsay Lohan, Bruce Lee, Pamela Anderson, Dalai Lama are some big names having Sun in their 1st House.

Sun in 2nd house:

Sun signifies heat & energy, the energy of Sun needs to be handled carefully with the matters of wealth. 2nd House looks after matters of Family, Monetary Savings, Speech as well as Right Eye and Ear. Moreover, 2nd house is the house of Venus – enemy of Sun. Father of the native will have dominant role in the family; if Sun is bad, native may not have good relations with his father. Native or native’s family will have high social status and recognition, may belong to politician family or business class family. They will be generous and compassionate towards others.

However, Sun in 2nd house also gives ego, over confidence, and other such problems which may turn people against them. In 2nd house Sun may create problems with family member due to ego issue. 2nd house represents wealth, the person will invest the maximum energy in the creation of personal wealth and financial security. There will be a strong desire for material pleasure. Sun in 2nd house may give eye sight and speech related problems. 2nd house Sun may also cause 2nd marriage if placement is not good, else native will have good spouse. The native’s father could be a great financial support to the native giving everything they need, native could be spoiled also. Such kind of people can have a very prosperous childhood, they might not be very educated due to family prosperity.

Sun will aspect the 8th House from here which is not that good and may affect matters of inheritance, relationship with in-laws.

This may not be so ideal placement of Sun with the subtle matters of 2nd House unless accompanied by planets like Mercury, Moon, or Jupiter. Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu like planets will complex the situation with wealth creation, heavy losses, no savings, problem with authorities, skin and eye problem.

Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Elvis Presley, Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paris Hilton, Sandra Bullock, Aishwarya Rai, Robert De Niro, Alfred Hitchcock, Morgan Freeman are some big names having Sun in the 2nd house.

Sun in 3rd house:

Sun in 3rd House is in the house of his friend Mars. 3rd house is communication house, having benefic Sun here may suggest a brilliant and efficient communication. Communication will be their imprint. They will only talk when it is required and add value. Having benefic Sun in the 3rd house also makes the person courageous who does not hesitate to take initiatives or bold steps. They possess a positive approach towards life. Native will be interested in short journey to the places. He may have good writing abilities. Native may be a very skilled administrator and expert in multitasking. There is a good chance of working and earning fortune through Media, Entertainment, Writing etc.

Sun in 3rd House is not a bad placement and Sun does well here provided the horoscope sign is favorable, unfavorable sign could give fights with siblings, neighbors, bad health of brothers and negative publicity. Afflicted Sun may give siblings who are weak either physically or financially or both; or do not share good relationship with native.

From here Sun aspect the 9th House which is great for Foreign Travels, Spirituality and Higher Studies if 9th house is not afflicted with bad planets or sign.

However, this placement also makes the person aggressive in approach and sometimes over confident, and arrogant. These people are kind and helpful towards their siblings and everyone they come across. Sun in this house gives rare ability to succeed in whatever approach they take.

As you can see in the below chart, Sun is placed well in his own sign which fulfills the promises mentioned above regarding native’s ability to communicate, manage, and overcome challenges. However, Sun is sitting with Saturn which creates some troubles in this house. He will have troubled sibling either physically or financially or both. He will be average educated and his professional career will have lots of ups and downs. From here Sun is aspecting the 9th house which is again Saturn sign which again suggests problem in the native’s higher studies and career.

3rd house is upachaya house, and malefic planets placed here are good, will show results in the later part of life.

Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, Elizabeth Taylor, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger, Ben Affleck, Will Smith, Isaac Newton, Emma Stone, Richard Gere, Winston Churchill, Stephen King, Jessica Biel are some big names having Sun in the 3rd house.

Sun in 4th house:

4th house is the house of Moon – friend of Sun. However, Sun is a very hot and aggressive planet and malefic too to be in the soft place like 4th which belongs to peace, home, and happiness etc unless the sign happens to be Leo or Aries. Malefic planets are not ideal for 4th House as matters of 4th House suffer especially if planets like Saturn, Mars and Rahu are co-tenants or aspecting Sun in 4th House. It is said Sun in 4th House makes a native unhappy and mentally worried. Sun here gives a nature prone to anger and frustration and fights at home due to ego and impatience.

On the positive side, Sun gives great boost to the Career via aspect on 10th house. Since 4th is motherland, it is possible that mother will have key role in native’s life. Native may be a good guardian too. He will have good primary and college education. 4th house is property, social status, so native will have deep interest in property (agriculture land, farm house etc.) related matters of homeland. They may be socially popular in local environment.

Native may be a kind soul and spiritual in nature. 4th is a Kendra house, from there Sun directly aspects the 10th house – house of action, profession, promotion and one of the upachaya houses representing ‘growth’, ‘advancement’, ‘increment’ etc. Native may do well in govt. jobs or may be a property dealer or real estate business man. Native may have comforts and luxuries of life, marital harmony depending upon the other factors. However, 4th house significations will happen in the later part of the life.

Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Bill Gates, Megan Fox, Marlon Brando, Halle Berry, Woody Allen, Naomi Campbell, Michael Fassbender, Rajinikanth are some big names having Sun in 4th house.

Sun in 5th house:

Sun in 5th House is not a bad placement at all as it is his friend’s Jupiter house. If benefic, it makes the person prosperous, highly creative and gives inclination in the performing arts such as dancing, acting, singing, and writing; be it sports or drama. Many great Actors, Politicians, Musicians and Sportsperson who have become immortal in public memory have Sun in the 5th House. There are good chances of higher studies. Native may have a very active romantic life. There could also be some connection with politics.

However, this placement is said not good for the child perspective of the native. Native may not have male child or will only have female child. Sun is a fire planet and too much fire in the children house may cause problem in progeny possibilities especially if Sun is aspected or co-tenant with other malefics like Saturn, Ketu, Mars and Rahu. Also not good for other matters of the 5th House like Stock Market Trading and Gambling. Those with Sun in 5th House many a times suffer from heart diseases.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Katie Holmes, Khloe Kardashian, Colin Farrell, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, Charles-Prince of Wales, Jon Bon Jovi are some big names having Sun in the 5th house.

Sun in 6th house:

It is said “bad planets in a bad house may give good results”. Sun in 6th House is not bad overall if placed well. Sun in 6th House is in the House of his enemy Saturn, both Sun & Saturn are malefic planets and 6th House is a malefic house, so two negatives make a positive. Native is mostly healthy, victorious over his enemies and confident; Sun in 6th House makes native a very good politician, famous and give good administrative abilities unless it is not afflicted. Native may not be satisfied from his profession and he frequently changes his profession.

This position of Sun indicates that native will be very committed towards their work, have a deep respect for authority, disciplined in nature and expect the same from others too; this makes the native overconfident and dominant which will gives some enemies to native especially at workplace.

This position deals with health issues and wellness of the native. Physical fitness is an area of major interest. There could be frequent health matters. Affliction could give heart-trouble, trouble in the lower spine, some prolong illness, make him debt or disease ridden, unpopular with coworkers. If aspected by Mars can give injury from Fire or wild animals. This position of Sun may not be good for maternal uncle of the native.

Barack Obama, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Justin Timberlake, Charlie Chaplin, Mel Gibson, Milla Jovovich, J. K. Rowling, Matthew McConaughey, Antonio Banderas, Steven Spielberg are some big names having Sun in their 6th house.

Sun in 7th house:

Classical texts have not favored this placement. Sun in 7th House is in the house of his enemy Venus, not suitable to deal with the 7th house matters of relationship, partnership, legal cases and contracts. From here Sun aspects the ascendant which is good if Sun is not afflicted. It gives the native health, confidence and ability to deal with any difficulties in life.

7th House deals with Marriage. Sun may be very dull in this house affecting marital life the most i.e. delaying marriage, marital unhappiness, and incompatibility with the spouse. Sun gives arrogance, self-flattery, arrogance and failing to empathize with others. This attitude leads to the troubles in marriage or partnership. Any sort of malefics in 7th House suggests a delayed and troubled married life as these natives are rash and egoistic. If Sun is co-tenant with malefics like Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu then that should send alarm bells ringing in marriage. He/She could also receive troubles through the Government.

Sun in the 7th house will create strong attraction towards opposite sex, but will cause problem too. Spouse may not devoted to the native and her/his fidelity is doubtful. This may result in extra marital affairs or divorce like situation. Native will remain sexually tormented towards the opposite sex. It may give public enemies, law suits, physical distress, mental worries, lack of sleep etc.

Adolf Hitler, Diana, Princess of Wales, Sharon Stone, Miley Cyrus, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Sean Connery, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood are some big names having Sun in the 7th house.

Sun in 8th house:

Sun in the 8th House is in the house of his arch enemy Saturn at the same time 8th house also belongs to Mars friend of Sun. On one hand 8th house if House of Death and Destruction and other hand it is also the House of Secrets, House of Occult Knowledge, House of Longevity and House of In-Laws. Sun provides mixed results in the 8th House. Good placement of Sun increases the longevity and there are less or no chances of untimely death, makes native popular and intellectual. There are many views of native of such placement having short life span, or father dies early – but these views are highly debatable and argued. One has to look many factors in the chart before reaching to any conclusion.

These natives are very good at handling confidential information and disaster-situation. It gives great interest in Occult, a Career where Secrets are involved such as Income Tax Department. Also possible are Career in Astrology or Mystic Activities. The Sun in the eighth house shows there will be a lot of concentrated effort on exploring life’s deeper mysteries. This makes for a lot of interest in occult pursuits, and understanding the nature of the mind and psychology. Modalities such as hypnotherapy and other sorts of deep, exploratory work can be shown. There’s a great capacity to be a healer with this placement.

Those with the Sun in the 8th house may have an interest in the occult, psychology, psychotherapy, investments, research, and social power. These people are very good at social cause bringing light to the dark world of the others. They are very good at bonding with others; they don’t merely interact with other people, they merge with them.

Afflicted Sun may affect face, head, butox, anus, lower parts of private organs, may give rashes, piles and other issues related to burning. Sun burns up almost all Inheritance. So those who have legal cases for Inheritance and Sun in 8th House are less likely to get large part of the Inheritance. Native lacks confidence and will-power, may feel down and dejected many a times if Sun is bad.

This placement may not be good for father somehow. However, father will play an important role in the native’s life but will not be known to the society. Native may benefit from father’s legacy or properties left behind. This placement may also give the bullish father. More about father will depend upon the position and strength of the 8th Lord.

Nicole Kidman, Monica Bellucci, Mère Teresa, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Ryan Gosling, Demi Moore, Renée Zellweger, Salman Khan, Matt Damon are some big names having Sun in the 8th House.

Sun in 9th house:

Sun in 9th House is in the house of his friend Jupiter. Sun does well in the 9th House provided there are no major afflictions. Sun in the 9th House gives spirituality, higher knowledge, mysticism and long distance travels. Native would be a dutiful son and have high regards for his heritage. He will have thirst for learning about different people, different cultures, different foreign lands, and different languages

However, it is important to remember that Sun is hot and fiery and can destroy all the matters related to the concerned house both good and bad. 9th House is the House of Fortune and Good Luck so Sun here may not be good in a fiery sign or along with malefic. It will give difficulties in life especially from the government or some higher authorities, also from their brothers.. There are chances of fight with siblings as Sun aspects the 3rd House from his placement in the 9th House.

Afflicted Sun in the 9th House may turn the native to have different approach about his Religion/ may change the religion, have hostile feelings towards his elders, father, gurus and atmosphere where he grew up, won’t be liked by one and all, may be restless, over-confident, and aggressive. Native may have to travel a lot due to various circumstances. Overall Sun will push native to search for the purpose of the life, self realization, to achieve higher conscious and get closer to The Absolute Truth and become higher soul.

One could be a great teacher, religious figure, and a translator.

Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Robin Williams, Ashton Kutcher, Mark Zuckerberg are some big names having Sun in their 9th house.

Sun in 10th house:

Career House(10th House) is possibly the best place for it as long as Sun is strong. Sun is practically at home in the 10th House of Career and Reputation. If strong, Sun could ensure that native becomes a great King, Politician, Administrator, CEO, Managing Director, Manager or one of the top level position; very good chances of Government Service, a career in Agriculture and Farming.

10th house belongs to father, so father will have some kind of negative or positive role in native’s life depending upon the placement.

Like all malefic planets, Sun is good to the place where it is placed but bad to the house where it aspects. Sun from 10th House aspects the 4th House which deals with home, happiness, mother, motherland, property etc. 4th House features may suffer due to Sun’s malefic aspect creating tensions between his profession and his family. In case there are malefics associated, placed or aspecting the 4th House then the situation only gets worse like troubles in Old Age. Friction is possible with father.

Also, success always brings ego and give chances of bad karma born out of Ego and Apathy. For these natives social influence, career, reputation, and public image are very important. They like to lead and don’t want to follow someone.

Donald Trump, Christina Aguilera, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Tom Hanks, Harrison Ford, are some big names having Sun in 10th house.

Sun in 11th House:

This is a great position for Sun if placed well. Sun in the 11th House is in the House of his friend Jupiter. 11th house in astrology represents gain or income. It tells if your dreams related to higher education, business, litigation, job, or speculation will come true in this house. This is also house of your friends, quality of your friend circle or social circle can be seen from here.

When we talk about wealth matters, it is 2nd house which represents fixed assets in your life. But it is 11th house which tells your earning or money making capabilities not necessarily your profession, it could be anything such as foreign sources, inheritance, speculation etc. If positive, Sun in 11th House likes to be the center of attention making native popular among Friends and Social Circle. According to old books: natives with Sun in the 11th House is wealthy, wise, successful, lives a long life, may get government favors. It can give good career in Marketing, Management, MNC, Government Jobs.

For these natives groups and friendships is a very important matter in the life. He can be a public figure also.

However, 5th House aspect may impact negatively on Progeny, Loss via Stock Markets or Gambling. If Sun is associated or aspected by malefics or placed in an enemy sign then there would be troubles especially in matters of regular income, friends, social circle and monetary gains. The native will dedicate too much of his personal time to the friend circle without having particular benefits in return. Also, there might be chances of betrayals from friends. Being charitable will help.

Sun in 12th House:

Not the best place for Sun for Materialistic viewpoint, but good for Spiritual Advancement. Sun here is in the house of his arch enemy Saturn. Sun will help native to realize his purpose in the life and get spiritual enlightenment. However, spirituality will come at the cost of compromising the family life and this can lead to divorce like situation. According to old books, native will be in not so pleasant occupation, success will not come easily, suffer from health issues as Sun represents health. Sun in the 12th house is an indicator of seclusion. Usually, it will make someone a loner and the restriction will be imposed by himself, not by others.

This placement makes the person intuitive and extremely sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions. Person will have strong foreign country chances and he will love to visit the different lands. This also indicates the problem with father figure. This placement is not good for eyes, uncle, finances etc. Sun represents government so native may have to bear the losses due to govt.

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