Sun in the 12th House of Enemy Saturn

Astrological Meaning of Sun in 12th House:

Sun is the ‘Father of Stars’ and Saturn his misery. Sun can absorb the power and influence of any planet within an orb of 8 ½ degrees of his conjunction. Sun represents the administrative head or Government. The Sun offers us the power of resistance and vitality. He controls the breath of life, and makes one determined and decisive. You must have seen people in your life with amazing self-confidence, full of energy, always high spirit, highly ambitious; this is primarily because of their strong Sun. If Sun is unfavorable in the chart, the native may be too forceful, lordly, domineering, positively arrogant and extravagant. It may also cause heart disorders as well as loss of position or esteem due to impulsiveness. It is the most prominent significator of father who creates a new life in you. Sun is the secondary significator for husband or male partner in a woman’s chart. Sun rules Leo and 5th house.

12th house represents matters beyond your routine life means it has little to do with everyday business. It deals with higher and hidden states of conscious, energy fields, and the experience of heaven beyond materialization. Some of its features are sleep, dreams, bed-pleasures, sacrifice, import-export, foreign trade, psychic powers, illness or poverty of the spouse, Imprisonment – physical or psychological, enclosures such as hospital, prisons, monasteries, ashram, sympathy, empathy, spirituality, places of seclusion, separation from family, obstructions in life, longevity, research, and marital tie/happiness.

Some Negative Effects:

  1. Problem here is Saturn is the significator (Karak) of 12th house and Sun is strong enemy of the Saturn. So technically speaking Sun is sitting in the Enemy’s house.
  2. 12th house is considered as a malefic house, Sun is significator of 10th house which is career house. 10th lord placed in 12th house will give trouble in your career, but there are many other career possibilities when Sun is in 12th house. Person can be politician, priest or artist etc.
  3. This placement may bring some kind of legalities/enquiry/investigation/arrest to native in some form or another. It may be false but native will find it difficult to get out of it no matter how honest and correct the individual is.
  4. Native should refrain from any indulgence in drugs & liquor or involvement in gambling, speculation, card games, betting, lottery or any kind of such activities. It will bring more personal and financial chaos to his life. This placement has capability to make one beggar and bring native on the road if he is not careful with his habits.
  5. Sun in the 12th house gives tough time to construct, buy, lease or rent a property or home. Same way person will have tough time with education especially getting higher education; it will require a lot of struggle and effort.
  6. 12th house is expenditure house and this placement of Sun is contradictory, since these people has giving nature, there is strong possibility that Sun will make person to spend more and more even beyond the individual’s financial capacity. This may lead the person into heavy debts.
  7. Native will have tough time having his own offspring. This placement also creates a possibility of deformed physique somehow. Native may have some kind of eye defect. His relation with father will be inimical.

Some Positive Effects of Saturn in the 12th House:

  1. On a positive note, with the Sun in the 12th house, person may have a keen interest and good understanding of fine arts e.g., painting, sculpting, drama, dancing, writing, music etc. This person could be a good yoga teacher or counselor.
  2. 12th house is about hidden things, means talent or personality which is mostly behind the scene where everyone knows you but no one can see you such as working in film industry as an assistant or film director.
  3. However, at the same time it is also possible that such talent is unexplored or may never come into existence because of question or doubt over the native’s character or even native’s own will to never bring it on surface in the public.
  4. These guys are sensitive and perceptive with a strong sense of compassion. They are generally giving in nature, can sooth others, and help others their journey through life.
  5. These guys have an extraordinary intuitional power which is both a boon and a curse. Boon, because they can sense what is coming and living in the ‘real world; with such phenomenal power may be a curse as they cannot express their feelings to others.
  6. These people will leave native place and settle abroad for livelihood. They are mostly reserve in nature, don’t open to everyone but maintain a peaceful relationship with everyone.
  7. Sun is natural ruler of 5th house which also belong to children. 12th house is the house of hospital so native can be a pediatrician or a schoolteacher working with children in foreign land.
  8. Sun is significator of soul, placed in 12th house it will bring enlightenment or spiritual pursuit but only after a lot of mental suffering.

Sun aspect on the 6th house from 12th house:

This is again very tricky aspect as 6th house belongs to Saturn and Sun is the enemy. However, both Sun & Saturn are malefic planets and 6th House is a malefic house, so two negatives make a positive. Native is mostly healthy, victorious over his enemies and confident; Sun aspect on the 6th House makes native a very good politician, famous and give good administrative abilities unless it is not afflicted. Native may not be satisfied from his profession and he frequently changes his profession. This aspect makes native a very committed and disciplined worker but unpopular among coworkers. This aspect of Sun may not be good for maternal uncle of the native.


It is important to note that a lot of result is based on the placement of the Saturn, 12th house lord and sign in which Sun is residing.

Gautam Trehan

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