Sun Mahadasha

Vimshottari dasha of Sun is of six years. Sun is a Karak (functional) planet of fame. Sun is a very potent astrological planet which brings brilliance in the native’s life and it is very important to understand the Sun mahadasha antardasha interpretation. Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign Leo. It is exalted in Aries, and debilitated in Libra. Sun rules heart, blood, brain and right eye for men, left eye for women. It has a supreme place among nine planets, and likewise, it gives dominance and higher position. Sun rules the government (authority). Sun is a celestial body which brings light to the world, so it brings goodness to the life. Sun is also important for your career. However, being a hot planet, it also gives aggression.

If favourably placed, Sun truly represents your public life. If Sun is favourably placed in the kundli, the native will receive the support of higher authorities and government institutes. Native would acquire power & authority.During this period, people receive good affluence from various sources. Besides, it will make the person inclined towards the spirituality. A person grows socially, but his personal life may not be that good. Sun Mahadasha may not make you wealthy in terms of accumulations, but it gives you immense popularity. It could also send you another country

If badly placed, this period could also cause distance or separation from loved ones, cause the anxiety and restlessness, and gives fear and threat from thieves, enemies, government, fire, and health problems. There could be lack of mental peace. Badly placed Sun will also create crisis of confidence, and dependability on others to get the work done. There could be health problems also.

Ruby is the gemstone of Sun which is worn in consultation with an astrologer.

There are different possible results of the antardasha of each planet in vimshottari dasha of Sun:

Sun Antardasha

Positive: Gains, prosperity, fame, name, rise in professional status, general positivity.

Negative: Excessive expenditure, misfortune to near and dear ones, untimely death, general negativity.

Moon Antardasha

Positive: Auspicious occasions, prosperity, favours from women, gain in wealth, addition of comforts i.e. houses, lands, cattle, vehicles, comforts from wife and children, good fortune, general positivity.

Negative: Troubles to wife and children, involvement in controversies, mental anguish, imprisonment, untimely death, general negativity.

Mars Antardasha

Positive: Auspicious occasions, gains from house, lands and agriculture, gain of wealth, favour from the ruler, stability of mind, well-being of the siblings, general positivity.

Negative: Mental anguish, loss of wealth, physical illness, loss of near and dear ones, accident, general negativity.

Mercury Antardasha

Positive: Auspicious occasions, Gain in status, goods health to wife and children, indulgence in religious rituals, general positivity.

Negative: Physical illness, mental anguish, ill health to wife and child, aimlessness, general negativity.

Jupiter Antardasha

Positive: Auspicious occasions, gain of wealth, child birth, inclination towards charities, religion, and God, mental peace, general positivity.

Negative: Mental anguish, loss of desired objects, general negativity.

Venus Antardasha

Positive: Fulfilment of objects of desire, increase in status, name, and fame, general prosperity, general positivity.

Negative: Mental anguish, loss of child, wife and wealth, deprivation of physical comforts, untimely death, general negativity. Venus shows mediocre results in the beginning, causes benefic results in the middle, and very bad results in the concluding portion.

Saturn Antardasha

Positive: Loss of enemies, gain of wealth, auspicious ceremonies, royal favours, general positivity.

Negative: Chronic and painful illness, imprisonment, loss of work and wealth, separation from parents, general negativity.

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