Taurus Compatibility

Even in my adversity
Darling! You show compatibility
You are fabulous and comely
How ravishing you are honey!
You have extricate me from loneliness
In your presence I have no more worries
When your eye glow
My heart seems to blow
Infallible damsel of our time you are
Indeed a freebie from God

(Short Compatibility poem by David Adeyemo)

Taurus Good:

Generous – Will help anyone.
Dependable – This is what makes them excellent employees, friends, and partners.
Down to earth – Polite and pleasant.
Patient – Taurus is patient.

Taurus Bad:

Stubborn – They have horns too.
Selfish – Rude and ignorant of others’ emotions.
Lazy – Most lazy sign.
Possessive – Major negative trait of Taurus which leads to jealousy and resentment.


One is too fast another is too slow,
But there is something between these two,
Which keeps them on the go!

Aries is a Fire Sign and Taurus is an Earth Sign. This can be a good combination between Venus (love) ruled Taurus and Mars (action) ruled Aries creating balance for each other. In astrology also there is no enemity between these two planets and they go well. Aries love action, whereas Taurus prefers to go slow. This will be a problem as well as opportunity to both of them. Taurus can teach Aries more subtle things, Aries can teach Taurus be more spontaneous and adventurous.

Aries is attracted towards Taurus sensuality, stability and patience, one who can relied upon. Taurus is attracted to Aries love for action and adventure. Think of like this a ram continuously striking and pushing the bull to play with him, bull is too lazy to get up and come into action but when it comes they have gala time together. Aries brings excitement, Taurus brings stability into the relationship. Aries love to argue things, but Taurus will play low and they are good at debating so Aries may not get the things done in his own fashion. Both Signs want to be the leader in the relationship, so compromise is essential.

This is a rather short term relationship and can only be successful if Aries has an upper hand.


Taurus is the lover and two Taurus together is a relationship characterized by romance and emotion. This partnership is strong, stable and secure. This relationship is based on the similarities of their feature of patience, politeness, hard work, practicality, and stability. They are loyal souls without cheating. Though this relationship starts slow as they are not initiators but gradually it will pick the pace.

Potential problem with this relationship is lack of spontaneity and joy. At times they can get irritated with each other. Also Taurus loves lavishness so it can get costly. Moreover, Taurus doesn’t function too well in times of austerity. They may have trouble initiating change when change is needed. Taurus is stubborn and if they differ on something there could be a dirty argument.

One more thing, they are likely to get bored with each other in the long-term because of belonging of the same genre.


Gemini is Air and Taurus is Earth. These signs are not very compatible with each other have very little in common. Gemini likes to change, move consistently, frequently changing stands whereas Taurus is a consistent and firm sign. Gemini is spontaneous, flexible, playful, adventurous, witty, communicative. Taurus does not have all this and Gemini will easily consider them boring. Gemini love to go hang out, Taurus prefers sitting at home. Gemini lacks patience, Taurus has good patience. Gemini is always frustrated with Taurus taking so much time to come on the conclusion.

On the positive note, Taurus may, sometimes, be surprised by Gemini’s wit and sense of humor. They (Gemini) want to help make the world a better place to live in. There’s no prejudice in Gemini, and they try to see the best picture out of situation. This is something Taurus will like. they use their analytic and idealist mind to see the best in things. This is something that Taurus can hold on to in their pursuit for their Gemini lover.

Freedom is very important to the Gemini as they are social people.

Taurus and Cancer:

Taurus and Cancer make a great combination and have a lot of thing common. Both are family people, looking for harmonious homely life, and love from their partner. Both are caring and loyal signs especially Cancer, they will take good care of Taurus. Both signs are very sensitive towards financial stability and make sure they work hard to live happy enough. As for finance, Cancers like to buy latest trends, whereas Taurus believes in Investment first. Both are economical and patient. Both the signs have respect for money and they are very sensitive towards their financial security.

Taurus-Cancer relationship generally work.

Taurus and Leo:

Taurus is an earthy sign; stubborn and does not like frequent changes in their life or lifestyle, life is a same routine for them daily, and they are happy in this. Because of this attribute it truly difficult to convince to change their minds for any matter. These are very stable people, highly dependable and loyal to their partners. Taureans are thrifty in nature and use the finances very well. They love beautiful things around.
Leo is, influenced by Sun, a fire sign with great deal of energy, charismatic personality always in the center of attraction. Leos love to lead and be followed – very hard to resist in any form. These guys are very charming, demanding and straightforward. The only fire sign which is ‘stable’ and has his fire ‘under control’. Like Taurus, Leo is also stubborn and does not like others to tell them what to do. On the other hand like Taurus Leos are also very romantic people.

These two have almost similar traits and high chances to get attracted. However, as with any relationship in the world, differences surface later on. Here a few differences are very prominent, Taurus is thrifty, Leo is spend-thrift which will make Taurus uncomfortable; Taurus loves to argue or waste time on trivial things, Leo does not have time for such petty things. Leo are outgoing exploring people, Taurus is homebody. These things will make the Lion roar, and given the condition that both signs are stubborn, a long-term relationship can be difficult. Saving grace is that being a stable and romantic signs, if they can keep out their differences, flame will keep burning, however, it is quite a task!

Taurus and Virgo:

A kind of perfect match made in heaven! Both are earth sign with many similar attributes appreciating each other in their life. Taurus is patient so is Virgo, Virgo is master at organizing the things and Taurus will simply love this, like Taurus Virgo is also homely people. Both signs are down to earth and kind hearted believe in doing good things. Virgo’s sharp mind, communication abilities will simply please the Taurus, whereas Taurus will help Virgo to overcome with small worries about ‘What If’. Virgo level of care will simply blow the mind of Taurus.

A few difference could be there like Taurus being unnecessarily picky about small things, whereas Virgos are master critic and they can criticize anything in the world. But this is it and these are easily recoverable considering both the sign believe in happy living and harmony. Very high chances of this marriage to be successful.

Taurus and Libra:

Librans are easy going and fun loving people, they gel with others very well, but this is it. Libra is anoverly cautious sign and not very ambitious in their life, they are always shy to commitment. These traits are quite opposite as compared to Taurus who is very ambitious and committed to their partner. The Taurus is very faithful sign and expect the same level of commitment which they may find missing in Librans. Taurus will find Libra an immature sign about relationships. The reason for this Libra behavior is that they analyze the situation too much before commitment as they don’t want to hurt anybody, but in the process they might hurt everybody. But this is typical Libra trait as they represent ‘Balance’ in life.

This could be a satisfying relationship but need to work upon with a great deal of communication!

Taurus and Scorpio:

Good –

Both are reserved, sensual, passionate, and very loyal. Both respect each other, togetherthey are a tremendous team. Two can move mountains if they agree on something.
Taurus is Earth, Scorpio is Water, water needs earth to flow, being opposites, and they are easily attracted, (just attracted!)
Their physical relationship will be extremely satisfying.

Bad –

Bothsigns are fixed,extremely possessive and stubborn. It is difficult for both to find a common platform for any problem.
Scorpio is an emotional sign prone to jealousy, Scorpio can be aggressive and bossy, whereas Taurus is not so emotional sign, and hates instructions about what to do.
Taurus is an open, direct, honest sign, while Scorpio is mysterious and complex.
Overall, as in most of the cases, this relationship is not so natural and can work well if both signs are willing to accept each other’s viewpoints.

Taurus and Sagittarius:

Good –

They find each other charming initially due to being an opposite signs. This charm can push them to go into the relationship which requires more than charm to work.
This relationship, if succeed, will be active, energetic, and entertaining.

Bad –

Their approach towards life is different, Taurus go by books, and Sagittarius loves to experience the things. Taurus are thrift, while Sagittarius are spendthrifts.
Taurus is a homebody while Sagittarians are social butterflies.Taurus is patient sign, being a typical fire sign, Sagittarius is impatient and hate to wait.

Taurus hates to rush on things, Sagittarius love to jump on the conclusions and switch plans as sees fit. Taurus dislikes flirts, spendthrifts, risks and confrontations whereas fearless Sagittarius loves all these.

Overall, this combination will more work well as a friendship rather than relationship.

Taurus and Capricorn:

Both being the Earth sign are very natural towards each other with almost (not all) same features and attributes. Both will have natural understanding towards each other. However, every relationship has its share of problem.
Capricorns are very dry and dull people – very relaxed – no hurry – kind of unemotional and detached. Taurus needs to be entertained with sensual and emotional things and this approach of Capricorns will blow them.

Taurus likes pleasure, fun and livening things up from time to time. Capricorns are very direct in their communication sometimes even blunt. Taurus is also straightforward sign, when they will argue, it will create a real mess! Lack of trust from Taurus is another problem for Capricorns.

Although this is considered the best possible compatibility for Taurus, but sure have its downsides.

Taurus and Aquarius:

“Different approaches – common goal – each should bend – to fit in their role”

Aquarius is sarcastic people who generally boast of their abilities. They love day dreaming. At the same time they are true friends who know how to be happy but have hard time discussing their personal feelings. Aquarius do what they want to do and don’t care much about other’s opinion or social norms. They are kind of rebel.

This one is really different match altogether between conventional Taurus and unconventional Aquarius. Straight coming to the point, they don’t have much in common.Aquarius or ‘water bearer’ are cold and don’t show emotions easily, Taurus needs emotional and sensual exposure.Taurus is practical and conservative sign, Aquarius is free spirit, ideological sign with innovative bent of mind which will confuse Taurus who will consider it impractical.

A unity of earth and air is little inconsistent, Aquarius (Air) and Taurus (Earth) relationship may create dust, they are better be friends rather than into relationship. Not a perfect match for one another.

Taurus and Pisces:

This could be a magical combination. Both the signs appreciate each other qualities and love each other company. They find reasons to get attracted to each other. Both signs have a common love of luxury and food. They enjoy conversing with each other. Taurus way of physical love will find perfect place in the imagination of Pisces. They may have good time in the bedroom.

Some downsides are that Pisces love to be a reason for social change and do some charity whereas Taurus is happy within in their home world and don’t care much about what is happening in the world. Pisces sometimes act secretive and keep the things which will not be understood by Taurus.

However, Pisces are very gentle people and don’t see flaws in others, they are perfect shoulders for Taurus to cry on. Overall, this is much practical relationship and without much friction!

Gautam Trehan

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