3rd House Lord in Different Astrology Houses

3rd House Lord in 1st House: it is also considered as 1st house lord in 11th house. Third house lord in the 1st house signifies native’s courage and guts to take initiative to start the new things, and he will be self dependent too as 3rd house is courage and self effort house. It is also sibling house so native may have good number of siblings and they will be wealthy too provided lagan is strong as 3rd house lord is 1st in the 11th house which is also siblings house and signifies earning as well. He will be popular among siblings. 3rd being communication house may give very good speaking or speech related abilities and make one good in acting, singing, dancing etc.

It is also related to short journeys which may give a lot of short journeys to the native. If this placement is strong, then native will have a very good and strong physical and mental structure. 3rd house is also one of the dushsthan, may give health related issues.

3rd House Lord in 2nd House: it is also considered as 1st house lord in 12th house. 3rd is sibling and 2nd is wealth, which means native’s siblings will be richer than him, and he may live on their income or work for them. However, if this combination is afflicted then it may cause siblings’ death also. Being 12th means it could give health problems to siblings. 3rd is strength and confidence house and 2nd being 12th house means he will have less confidence, weak stamina or strength.

From the bhavat bhavam rule, 3rd is 2nd from 2nd, which means native will earn a lot of wealth but his wealth will also wash away quickly in some ways or other due to 2nd and 12th house rule. 3rd is desire house, and its lord placed in 12th-expense house, so native may spend his money on immoral things. 3rd is speech and art house, and 2nd is also speech house, so native may be an artist such as dancer, singer, musician etc.

3rd House Lord in 3rd House: it also works as 1st house lord in the first house. 3rd lord in the same house signifies native will be wealthy, he will accumulate wealth through his own efforts. He will have very good confidence and speaking abilities. He will be able to attract masses through his speech. If it is benefic planet in the 3rd house then style of communication will be soft, if malefic, then it will be harsh.

It also signifies that native will have good friends and children; he will have happy family life. Since 3rd is one of the upachaya houses, placement of malefic planet is considered very good here, and it also boost the above mentioned signification two fold.

3rd House Lord in 4th House: it also works as 1st lord in 2nd house. 3rd house is own efforts, and 4th is happiness in general, so native will earn the wealth from his own efforts and make the living comfortable. 4th house belongs to vehicle, and 3rd house is transportation house, so native may earn through transportation business and own many vehicles, or working in the transportation business. This placement may also give short journeys as 3rd being the house of short journeys. However, 3rd being the 12th from 3rd and its lord placed in 4th house i.e. mother house, may give health problems or other problems to mother. 3rd is sibling house and 4th is 2nd from 3rd, so natives younger siblings may be rich, but if it afflicted then it may cause trouble from younger siblings.

3rd is also one of the dushsthans, so if its lord is afflicted then it will impact the happiness, comfort, education, younger siblings, mother’s health etc.

3rd House Lord in 5th House: it is also known as 1st house lord in 3rd house. From bhavat bhavam rule 3rd house lord is placed in 3rd house from 3rd which naturally makes 3rd house and its significations strong. It makes native very confident, courageous, and gives good will power. 3rd is 11th from 5th house which is again a good relationship, it makes native wealthy and successful in life. Native may also have good children. 5th house makes minister or diplomats so if placement is really good then person may become minister or diplomat.

3rd house is 9th (fortune) from 7th (marriage) and its lord is placed in 11th (profit) so native may have good fortune after marriage or he will get a lot of wealth from marriage.

3rd House Lord in 6th House: it is also considered as 1st house lord in 4th house. 3rd is siblings house and 6th is enemy house, there may be quarrel or enmity with the siblings. 6th is 4th (property, land) house so there could be legal issues with siblings on property. 3rd is strength, own effort house and 6th is fear and obstacles house so native will use his strength and efforts to remove his fear from enemy or other obstacles, but if placement is weak then he will have fear from the enemy and enemies will create problems for him. Both the houses are upachaya houses so if planets placement are good then it may make native wealthy with his own efforts, however, this income may be from immoral means as 6th signifies immorality and 3rd house is 10th from 6th.

3rd also represent speech and communication and being in the 6th make the native very logical, which can make him lawyer or land him any such profession. 6th (disease) house can affect the native’s stamina or strength due to disease related to hands or ears; it may also give health problems to the siblings. This combination could make the person artist, player, dancer, singer, soldier, orator etc.

3rd House Lord in 7th House: this also works as 1st lord in 5th house. 3rd is 9th from 7th so if 3rd lord placement is good in 7th then native’s fortune will click after marriage or his marriage will benefit him. However, it also signifies more than one marriage or relationship other than marriage. 3rd (short travel) and 7th (foreign travel) both are related to travel which may settle native in foreign or give professional foreign trips. 3rd and 7th are related to sex desire so native will have strong sex drive. 7th is also marak sthan, if planet is not good then it will work as marak for the native. It may give neurological problem, arthritis, spinal cord or back bone problem, or accident is also possible.

3rd House Lord in 8th House: it is considered as 1st house lord in 6th house. 3rd being 6th from 8th, this combination is not considered good unless planets are well placed. This may give health issues at first such as any incurable disease or problems related to ear, shoulder, spine etc. 8th house is accusation house which may cause false crime or other crime blames for the native such as murder, robbery etc. 3rd (sibling) is placed in 8th (dusshsthan) so it may cause problems with sibling specially on will related (8th) matters. It may also cause death or accidents to the sibling, if afflicted.

8th house is also responsible for married life, so it may cause a disturbed married life. 8th also represent misfortune if life, and upachaya house (3rd) lord placed here is not good for money matters and otherwise so native will face a lot of ups and down in life. 3rd is strength, stamina, confidence house, so its lord placed in 8th affect all these qualities and give side effects of reducing capabilities. This combination becomes worse when 3rd house lord is placed in the 8th house with 8th house lord which means 8th house gets more favor from its lord and increase the negative effects.

3rd House Lord in 9th House: it is also considered as 1st house lord in 7th house. 3rd (fortune of partner) lord placed in 9th (your fortune) which is 7th from 3rd, may give good fortune after marriage. At the same time 3rd lord will also work as marak for father as it is 7th from 9th which is father house. There may be dispute with father too. 7th is also profession or business and 7th is 9th house to 3rd so 9th house lord in 9th house which is 12th from profession house (10th) may give dispute between native and father due to his profession it will also cause separate living of native and father, father may be living in foreign land.

3rd and 9th is travel house, so it may cause a lot of travel to native. It will also cause the travels to sibling. 9th house is religion and 3rd is action so native will be very religious in action. At the same time 3rd house lord in 9th which counts 7 to 3rd house means 7th house lord in 9th gives unstable life path and lots of ups and downs in life. If 9th house lord is also placed in 9th house then native will be very religious, brother and father will be very rich.

3rd House Lord in 10th House: it is also considered as 1st lord in 8th house. 3rd and 10th are upachaya houses so one upachaya lord placed in another upachaya house is considered good in terms of money and profession. 3rd is communication, travel, art house, so native may be involved in any such profession which has any of these characteristics, he may be earning through travel business, may be singer, dancer, orator etc. 3rd lord in 10th house creates 6th-8th relationship and if 10th lord is also present in 10th house then it may create affliction from each other which will cause instability in personal and professional life, native doing immoral work etc.

3rd house is ‘kaam’ (sex desire) and its lord is in 8th house will affect the sexual interest and native may not have much interest in sex related activities. Well placed 3rd house lord in 10th indicates well settled sibling professionally. 8th house also signifies secret income so native may have some source of secret income.

3rd House Lord in 11th House: it is also considered as 1st house lord in 9th house. 3rd and 11th is upachaya houses so 3rd lord placed in 11th considered good as it increases the significances of the 3rd house. It can make native elder among the sibling as 3rd (sibling) is in 11th (elder sibling). 3rd is stamina, strength so native could be dangerously courageous as 11th will increase his courage to the highest level. This can make person proudy and revengeful, at the same time he may get respect or award for this bravely also. This combination shows that native will be working in the Army or likewise profession.

3rd is self effort so native will make wealth and status through his own efforts. Depending on the placement, this placement can give health problem as 3rd is dushsthan.

3rd House Lord in 12th House: this also works as 1st house lord in 10th house. This may not be a good placement from health point of view as 3rd (stamina, strength, confidence) lord in 12th may diminish the 3rd house quality. If 12th house lord is also sitting in the house then significations will further deteriorate as it may bring a lot of misfortune to the native in terms of fear, losing of wealth, death of younger sibling, staying out of home, mental problems etc. Native may be poor also due to bad own karma, native has to go a lots of ups and downs in his life.

3rd is sex so it may also cause loss of sex power or any sexual problem. 3rd is sibling house so it may give health problems to sibling, or sibling may be rich and staying away in foreign land if placement is good. 3rd is 12th from 4th house so it may also cause some problem to mother and 4th is related to imagination or dreams so native may have bad dreams problem. 3rd house belongs to ear so native may have ear related problem. 12th belongs to hospital so it may cause some hospitalization or native will earn through hospital business if placement is good.


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