Toe, Ankle, and Knee Exercises – Padanguli & Goolf Naman

Our body, from toe to head, is very stiff. Test this: try to touch your toes with your hands keeping your legs straight and bending forward. Do not force it, if you can’t touch the toe, it shows that you need to loosen up your body. There are many such exercises to make your body flexi.

Toe, ankle, and knee movements are the best exercises to relieve stress from the feet and leg. You need to sit in the base position to perform these movements. Base position is formed by sitting with the legs outstretched and keeping hands behind your buttocks with palms facing on the ground. Keep your back straight. Lean back a little.

Knee Exercises

Half Butterfly.

Do the same process of putting the ankle of right foot on the left thigh, now hold the knee of right leg with the right hand, and hold the ankle with the left hand. Now gently move the knee upwards towards chest and then again down. Do it at least 10 times for both the legs.

Full Butterfly.

Sit with legs outstretched, bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together in contact with each other to as close to the body as possible. Hold the feet with both hands and gently move your knees up and down as per your convenience. Do not force. The aim is to touch both the thighs on the ground comfortably. Initially, it will take come practice.

Variation 1.

Sit in the base position and bend the knee of right foot, keep both the hands under the inner thigh so that you can pull your leg close to the chest. Try to touch your chest with the knee. Do not touch the floor with the ankle or toe. Keep in this position for a few minutes. Now do the same thing for another leg.

Variation 2.

Sit in the base position, now bend both the knees altogether and keep the right hand under the right thigh, and left hand under the left thigh. Repeat the process as mentioned in the Variation 6.

Variation 3.

Sit in the base position with the palms on the floor. Legs outstretched and joined each other. Lean backward little and raise both the legs off the ground a little, remain in this position for a few seconds then put the feet down on the ground. Do it at least 10 times. This exercise will strengthen the abdomen muscles as well as legs muscles.

You can also bend the knees after raising the legs.

Ankle Exercises

Sit in the base position and rotate the ankle of one foot clockwise 10 times, and then anti-clock wise 10 times. Do the same process for another foot. In the process, do not move your knees.

Sit in the base position and join both the legs. Now rotate both the ankles first clockwise and then anticlockwise 10 times each. While rotating make sure that both the toes are in contact with each other. Do not move the knees.

Variation 1 – Ankle Crank.

Sit in the base position straight with the hands off the floor. Place the ankle of right foot on the left thigh, hold the ankle from left hand, and toes with right, now rotate the ankle with the help of both the hands. Do the same process for another foot.

Toe & Feet Exercises

Sit in the base position and move your toes forward and backward keeping the ankles relaxed and motionless. Try to stretch as much as possible. Do it 10 times for each toe.

Sit in the base position and move your feet forward and backward from the ankle joints 10 times each. Try to stretch as much as possible.
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Loosen up the thigh, knee and ankle joints.
Strengthen the muscles and joints of the legs.


Do not strain.

[highlight]It is advisable to perform any asana in the supervision of a qualified yoga instructor.[/highlight]

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