Triund – excellent Trek for beginners

Recently I did the Triund trek which is very famous among trekkers.

So here are some facts about the Triund –

Triund is a small hill in the Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The Triund Hill Station is a part of Dharamkot. Triund is at the foot of the Dhauladhar ranges and is at a height of 2,828 m.

It is situated in Dhauladhar mountains, it has the perfect view of the dhauladhar mountains on one side and kangra valley on the other. Trek goes through a beautiful mixed forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron. Trek is moderate for the first 5-6 kilometers but the last one or one and half kilometer is really steep and requires great deal of effort. And it is this stretch which will make you feel that it is not easy one and also reward you with reaching the Triund hill top. This stretch has 22 tiring curves before you finally reach Triund.

When you will search for the Triund Trek on the internet, it will be described as ‘most easy trek for all age groups’ or ‘can be accomplished easily’ etc.

Triund is no doubt excellent trek for the beginners who can check their stamina and level of endurance before opting for tougher ones, but it is not easy one guys!

Triund trek can be done in two days comfortably– one day for reaching hilltop – night stay camping – and next day come back. However, people do it in one day also but then you have to start very early in the morning and need to have very good stamina.

There are two ways you can do this trek – one is on your own – second is through some adventure company like I did.

I booked my two days tour from ‘’ which included lunch, evening snacks at hilltop, dinner, morning breakfast. We were accompanied by a local guide who was well aware of the geography.

I preferred going through an adventure company as it makes the thing easier especially with meals and camping.

How to reach:

For Triund trekking you have to reach to Mcleodganj.


To reach Mcleodganj, you can take bus from ISBT to Dharamshala as direct Buses to Mcleodganj are very rare. If you are doing online booking you will see all the buses showing direct destination to Mcleodganj, however you need to check the same with operator to avoid any further inconvenience.

Buses plying in daytime are very few, most of the buses run in night journey and you will have plenty of options. Fare of buses vary from Rs. 600 to Rs. 1400 depending upon the luxury you prefer.

From Dharamshala it takes around 45 minutes to an hour to reach Mcleodganj. Local taxis, buses, autos are easily available from Chowk.


One can also reach Dharamshala from Pathankot as Pathankot is the nearest railway station. From Pathankot Dharamshala is 90 kms far and takes around 3 hours. There are not many trains from New Delhi to Pathankot so do the reservations in advance.


It is better if you stay at Dharamshala as hotels there are cheaper than Mcleodganj, if you are going there in rush season then it is advisable to do the advance booking of hotels as hotel are always jam packed.

However, some other cheap local options of guest houses, lodge, & dharamshala are also available and they operate on first come first serve basis and don’t have advance booking system.

My Story

I took the Himachal Roadways bus from ISBT to Dharamshala. Himachal Roadways buses are generally in good shape and one can travel if it is day journey like in my case.

Maximum part of the route goes through Haryana and Punjab and then enters Himachal Pradesh – the first district is Una.

I learned that running time is better in night than day, my bus took around 14 hours to reach, whereas in night they take around 12 hours – it could be because of low traffic and less local passengers in night.

I reached Dharamshala around 7.30 PM, in hills areas shops and other establishments are closed sooner. So I rushed looking for some sort of accommodation; hotels were available but way too expensive for a single person, after some local assistance I located a Guest House in the lanes and after some bargaining got the right rate.

My purpose was to only stay at night and then leave early morning for Mcleodganj.

My Room…





I had a dinner here, it is very famous dhaba among locals as rates are very genuine…



Lanes towards my guest house…at 5.30 in the morning…




Views from my guest house…



I left early next day after morning tea and got a local shared taxi who took Rs. 20 to drop me at Mcleodganj.





My reporting time to base camp was 9.30 AM, I reached pretty early so decided to roam around the place. I visited Bhagsunag which is an old temple on Dharamkot Road. Plenty of autos ply to that route. I took the auto which cost me Rs. 100.

Here are some pictures, I liked the swimming pool very much – it is open for all!






There is nothing much to explore except local shops by the sides of the road, one can also visit Bhagsunag Waterfall which is at some distance from temple.


From there I came back to Mcleodganj, I had to go to ‘Samadhi Guest House’ which was little far from the town, since I had time left I decided to walk the road and check the sceneries on the way.

I got there well on time and had a good chat with my tour organizer to make myself aware about the Triund and other trekking spots.





We started around 12 PM as some of the group members got late.




My guide ‘Narayan’ told us that after some distance there is a check post where they maintain the inventory of incoming and outgoing people, and also check the ID cards etc.



You have two options to reach check post by trekking or by vehicle which most of them opt for thinking to cover some distance easily, but it doesn’t help.



Rather it is good to go check post by trekking as it warms you up for the road ahead and gives you a little hint how it is going to be…:)





After check post you start trekking towards Triund…



On the way you will find small tea, coffee shops which will provide you with refreshments.



but all the rates are higher than regular which is logical as there is good cost involve to carry stuff on such heights.



Maggi is very popular dish and they make it well, you will certainly like it, it will cost you around Rs. 60-80.



Trek gets more tougher more you try to accomplish it…



somewhere in the midway…..



Some sections are narrow…..



and some are little steep….



trek has some sharp turns…



and it is real rocky… enough to test the muscles of your legs…



you can clearly see the clouds on the mountains from a very short distance…soon you will be there too…



on the way you will see many big rocks…some are real big…



weather is very good once you scale the heights…



trek is very scenic…



and you can use your DSLR at its best…



there are plenty of locations to choose…



and some shots are…



really worth it…



We reached hilltop at around 7 PM…


it was drizzling and sky was all dark, wind was chilly



we were exhausted and soon it was going to dark, moreover weather made it little more uncomfortable as everybody was looking for shelter (which of course was not there except few big rocks) in expectation of rain and thunderstorm which is very common there.



There were only 2-3 people to make the tent and everybody wanted their tent first. Nobody was of any assistance as we didn’t know how to do tent…



but we learned there – hopefully!

Once settled in the tents, we were served with ‘tea and pakoda’, at this much height you cannot expect much quality from food but it feels good when you imagine that where are you sitting.



After that people felt good and came out of their tents and clicked photos and made videos in the picturesque weather.

I also clicked some…



In few hours they prepared the dinner and served us, there was dal (pulse), chawal (rice), chapatis, matar-paneer, and chicken for non-vegers. Post dinner everybody preferred to sleep as there was nothing much to do in the dark…

I must tell you that during night going toilet could be a problem as it is so dark and you need to keep a torch handy.

Toilets it selves are set up in very raw condition as this is only possible there…. and not everyone will be comfortable with the setup.  It is basically a hole dug in the ground and you are supposed to use it and then cover the whole thing 😉 with soil using the trowel kept there.

And I must tell you that the Water is very precious there and is available in very limited quantity, so have enough drinking water bottles with you.

In the morning….they served us with nice breakfast of poori-aloo, omelette, bread-butter, bread-jam, and hot tea…

this is how we were seated…..

Cheery | Netchanting


after breakfast we started our trekking downhill to our base camps.


This is life time experience for anyone who has just started trekking.








Gautam Trehan

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