Vastu Myths: South or West entrance is inauspicious: Unnecessary Fear

There is no truth behind most of the Vastu Myths which are prevalent in today’s society. One of them are south or west entrance is inauspicious. The White House in Washington DC has a door facing south. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan’s abode in Mumbai has the south entrance. Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai has the south entrance. Half the shops on commercial streets have south entrances. People believe or make believe that North-East entrance is the best, if this is the case then it will impossible for everyone to buy or rent such houses. Whereas rough data suggests that majority of affluent people have either south or west facing entrance.

In ancient Maharashtra, Peshwas had giant doors in the North direction to ensure wealth and happiness, still Peshwas had to go through misfortunes and backruptcy. Vastu did not help them any way. The palace of Pandavas at Hastinapur was created by Vishwakarma himself. Still Pandavas lost their kingdom, had troubles, misfortunes, and went to battle with their loved ones. Vastu did not help them. In old times, hundreds of vastu compliant temples were looted and destroyed by invaders, vastu could not save them.

Vastu is a science of buildings which is very logical in its own. One can balance the vaastu of their places as per their own energies and make the most out of the available place. Vastu helps people to maximize the energies at home for better living experience. However, at the same time blindly follow the old rules of vastu mentioned everywhere and known to everyone is not at all good. Any one can Google these vastu tips and follow it without understanding the logic behind the same, and he may unknowingly create more trouble for him.

Also, self declared Vastu Shastris, spreading unnecessary fear and myths, are one more reason why people blindly believe and follow these myths. There are some genuine people among them who will give you logical advice, but most of them create confusion to others.

Think of this, where you would like to keep the dustbin in the house, of course at a place where it is less visible to others as dustbin is a negative energy, now this is not a rocket science and very simple to understand. Where would you like to keep the windows, where maximum sunlight come. In simple, it is very easy to understand what should be where at home.

In fact, Vastu is a compilation of ancient guidelines of making building of that era, it may not be completely relevant to modern days’ buildings made with processed and synthetic material having air conditioning, chimneys, exhaust fans, lifts, limited floor plan, parking lots etc. Moreover, vastu changes according to the geography, weather and the temperature; vastu in the hills is very different from the vastu in the plains.

Happiness in life is a direct product of your previous and present Karmas, it is nothing to blame to your house. Even though you keep changing the houses, it will not give any relief. One has to go through his Karmas good or bad.

Gautam Trehan

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