Venus in different Houses

Venus is very interesting planet and it will be interesting to learn what is the significance of Venus in different houses. You must have wondered what celebrities such as musicians, actors, artists, and dancers have special in their chart. It is Venus or Shukra in Sanskrit. Venus is planet you would love to be at right place in your kundli. It is all about material pleasure, love, romance, marriage, and friendship. Beauty, music, dance, drama is Venus. Anything related to luxury such as jewelry, expensive cars, beautiful home is Venus. Venus means opulence.

Let’s see how it goes with Venus in different houses:

Venus in 1st House:

Venus in first house sounds kind of nice, but Venus is an uncontrolled planet related to romance, luxuries, and riches. First house defines physical appearance as well as person’s character. Venus isn’t interested in spirituality only in materialistic and sensual pleasure. It’s not ideal in first house alone and should be accompanied by other planets to put a limit or restrictions on its over-spending and over-indulging.

With Saturn a plain but pleasant fellow, with Mercury a talkative pleasant personality, with Sun a charismatic personality, with Rahu a highly ambitious bright, attractive personality, with Mars a direct and charming personality, with Moon an emotional sensitive charming personality.

If not afflicted, Venus in first house gives attractive physique, pleasing appearance and romantic personality. They have a great fashion sense and love fine wines and dance parties. Likes to be the center of attention, likes to be watched, photographed, admired, and talked about. Such placement is especially beneficial for women as they are beautiful loved by everyone and able to achieve everything without much efforts. This placement gives rich parents and rich partner who satisfy the materialistic needs. Such natives with right combination of planets even rise from rags to riches.

They can be a dancer, actor, fashion model, musician, athlete, politician, or doing business related to cosmetics, music industry, fashion, arts, perfumes and other things which Venus represents. Venus loves sweet food items so some care is require to keep diabetes away. There are chances to involve with multiple partners due to sensual and romantic nature, possibility of catching venereal diseases.

From here Venus aspects the seventh house of marriage. Marriage partner is good looking, romantic, and rich.

Venus in 2nd House:

Second house belongs to its arch rival Jupiter (as a karak planet) and it is own house of Venus (sign Taurus). 2nd house (house of savings and family) is one of the best placements for Venus significator of wealth, luxury and fame. However, Venus being the planet of show-off and splendor always affect the savings and accumulated wealth by over-spending but there would always be chances to earn the same again. Native will be fond of food & drink and fine scents & perfumes.

With Venus in second house there are chances of getting a loving & rich family if malefics don’t influence, family is generally large and it may be assumed that one’s family of origin is musical, artistic, and luxury-seeking. Native is peace loving, sweet & soft voiced, and have attractive face (2nd house represents face structure), and good dressing sense. In fact native may be investing a good chunk of money on beautification of the face, services of dentists, facial surgeons, and hair stylists.

He will be fond of various kinds of food delicacies as well as be sound by health and wealth. Their voice may also give an opportunity earn a great amount of money if Venus is also associated with career or income house. He will also have sound knowledge of history and languages. Native is a natural capitalist who manifests luxurious wealth in the bank account. 2nd house also represent marital bliss, Venus will give a good marriage partner. From here Venus will aspect on 8th house which is great for inheritance. Native could find a lot of excess amount of wealth. 8th house also represents in-laws so in-laws are rich.

All this will be possible only if there are no malefics placed or no bad aspect from 8th house. Else there will be little or no savings, voice will be harsh, engaging in extra-marital affairs and there are chances of catching a venereal disease.

Venus in 3rd House:

Although it is swabhava of friendly Mercury, Venus in third house is not the best placement. Third house is the communication, board-room meetings and media; Venus in third house makes the native flirt, flashy talker, sociable and overly materialistic. 3rd house also belongs to creative art, native can have a career in writing, handcraft design, music, arts, painting, dancing, singing, and news anchor. Native may be able to go frequently on romantic short distance travels or business travel. Venus provides loving siblings. Very much connected to the extended family, and prefers to socialize with neighbors and kin, neighbors (3rd house) maybe rich and influential and able to help native.

Still, Venus is Dhanakaraka and 3rd house is self-made financial wealth = a significant dhana yoga using his intelligence through communications, teamwork, sales, marketing, planning, advertising, time management, endorsement, and media production. He will have special interest in feminine related topics including love, beauty, arts, fashion, and music. Venus alone is uncontrolled in spending, spends money on siblings, parties, relationship management, travels, short trips, holidays, accessories, gifts especially for females, and other pleasure or sensual services. Part of this wealth comes from family (2nd from 2nd) or self-owned business.
Venus is a planet of marriage, 3rd house is not suitable for Venus – there could be problems like delays in marriage, post marriage struggles, separation, more than one marriage, economic troubles post or pre marriage etc. This placement makes him somehow fascinated and overpowered by the spouse.

In a weak condition these placement of Venus could lead to negative publicity, way too talkative personality, financial troubles via over-spending, and scandals.

Venus in 4th House:

This placement is one of the best placements for Venus in his friend Moon house. Native is blessed with riches, land, luxuries, vehicles, happy and successful life as long as bad planets do not influence Venus. Fourth house represents the mother and with Venus she will be epitome of genuine love, care and concern. Native will have good education, good parents, good living standard, inheritance and all the luxuries at his/her disposal. Native loves a secure, home-based lifestyle.

People are easily attracted to such person as his company is always joyous and can easily pick up on the feelings and thoughts of others. From here Venus aspects the 10th house of career which is good if Venus does not have any malefic effect, career could involve acting, singing, dancing, music, arts, fashion, perfumes or related accessories. If accompanied by Saturn or Mercury, the native may study architecture, home construction, interior decoration, property ownership .

Venus in 4th gives very happy domestic life and a peaceful and comfortable end of life. It is generally a great placement unless with malefics.

Venus in 5th House:

Venus is planet of love & romance and so is the 5th house. Venus alone is an uncontrolled planet in 5th house and may be a disaster in the love life due to lack of trust and loyalty. Influence of malefic on the 5th house makes the native flirt and prone to extra marital affairs, and break-ups from love interest. Venus does not take responsibility is the worst part of Venus.

On positive side, Venus in 5th house blesses the native with beautiful and loving kids – more daughters than sons, however, Venus is more interested in romance than the duties of parenthood. Native will have connections/involvement in theatre, arts, politics etc., he will enjoy luxurious pleasures via interest in children, theatre, celebrity, fashion and politics. Venus in 5th is in the trikona sthana and good from wealth perspective. Native will be fond of parties, movies, theatre, arts and entertainment and will spend the wealth on children, theatre, entertainments and amusements, relationships with entertainers, politicians and interest in gambling, casinos.

These people are flamboyant dressers, with high style and a need for attention. In the male chart it may signify a “high maintenance” wife who needs a good deal of attention and have pleasure in “showing off” cosmetics, costume, and high society appearance.

If there is connection with career house (10th) or service house (6th) then native can earn a good amount of income and popularity via parties, movies, theatre, arts and entertainment. There can be gains in stock markets and gambling. Any connection of Venus in 5th house with 7th house lord will give marriage with love interest and happy life. From here Venus aspects the 11th house of gain which is very fruitful.

Venus in 5th house is great for love and romance but love isn’t everything in life and native will have to curb his desires and spending habits. It is good to have another planet like Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn or Ketu alongside Venus to keep him in control as Venus is more concerned with sensual enjoyment than accepting responsibility

Venus in 6th House:

Sixth house is the house of debts, disease and poverty. Benefic planet like Venus becomes victim of toxic and imbalanced environment of 6th house. On the positive side 6th house belongs to service and conditions surrounding the work. Native will enjoy the workplace environment and the assistance of co-workers, and employers. Venus here will help native to handle the critical and unfair situations with pleasant and diplomatic style. However, there are chances of cheating in promises and contract, and illegal business practices.
Venus here may prove good from finance point of view as 6th is one of the ‘artha’ houses. It is 9th from 10th and 10th from 9th house which indicates highest professional placement in medicine, law, divinity, and teaching. Further, it is 11th (profit) from 8th (hidden/unexpected wealth) which indicates gain from mysterious resources. One can be an excellent musician, singer, model, artists, fashion or ornament designer. Also good chances to go in the field of professional medicine, healthcare, drugs and treatments such as gynecologist, or nephrologist. He will be sensitive to welfare of all animals, love pet animals.

It is 12th (loss) from 7th (marriage/relationship), so there could be chances of divorce. Venus in sixth house causes multiple marriages and divorces, makes a sex addict and gives special attraction for female servants and employees. This will also make him divorce attorney. Venus is sweetness causes diabetes. Venus also rules over STD (sexually transmitted diseases) and natives are advised to engage in safe sex to prevent catching STD. Venus in sixth house can also make for a drug addict, can also give kidney problems.

6th house is related to crime and criminals, native may like the company of criminals. He may also solicit the company of police or military people. Native may not be able to keep the accumulation of wealth due to disproportionate spends on luxuries, alcohol, medicines, treatments, fees, payment to criminals, and prostitutes. There is good chances of being in debts.

Overall it is bad placement, Saturn placement or aspect of Saturn will help to keep Venus in control.

Venus in 7th House:

7th house belongs to Venus and karak is also Venus. 7th house means business, partnerships, contracts and marriage. Native is charming having attractive physical features as 7th house directly aspects 1st house of physical features. Marriage partner is also beautiful and wealthy. 7th house is 10th from 10th so it works as a career house as well, native will get good wealth from businesses like Jewelry, clothing, business related to sugar, designer items, medical items, women’s articles, wine, luxury goods and musical and artistic instruments. There are strong chances of native belonging to acting and entertainment industry or involved in marriage bureau. He can also have a political or diplomatic career. Also good for having a female business partner.

Venus in 7th denotes early marriage. Native will be fond of luxury vehicles and can own expensive automobiles, yachts, and even airplanes. However, there is Karak Bhavo Nashya. Venus gives a lot of marital or partnership pleasure and wealth, but a lot of anything is bad. A lot of partnership pleasure here means extra-marital affairs, a lot of wealth here means a lot of debts, and a lot of sensual pleasure can bring venereal diseases due to over-indulgence. There are chances of sugar related diseases like diabetes as Venus represents sugar. It is possible that spouse is very dominant due to her beauty and family background. Venus in 7th is karak for multiple marriages also.

Venus in seventh house is generally a blessing unless Venus is badly aspected or afflicted and if native can learn and use some self-control because Venus is a horse without a leash and doesn’t understand limits and boundaries.

Venus in 8th House:

Eight house is the house of death, despair and long term diseases. Venus is a benefic planet of luxury and romance. This is a very bad placement for Venus. However, Venus gives wealth here through inheritance, investments in gold, mutual funds, stocks, and other means like will, insurance (hidden money) etc. However, it is possible that by the time his money will be depleted and he will be indebted.

8th house represents sexuality and the sexual act whether obvious or hidden – the secretive ones! 8th belongs to hidden things, native will use the wealth to feel sensual pleasures of life like private parties, sex with multiple partners.

8th house is 12th of the 7th house which means every feature of the 7th house (marriage, partnerships) is at the stake in 8th house. Venus is a planet of spouse. Venus gives a marriage partner who comes from a wealthy background (2nd from 7th). However, due to his lifestyle, native may not keep the marriage working. Multiple marriages or affairs are more than likely. Native will not be able to keep the relationships stable and will see numerous break-ups and disappointments and keep changing the partners. Due to sex with multiple partners there are strong chances of catching a venereal disease. If Venus is afflicted there are chances of bankruptcy.
8th house represents secret, confidential things, native will enjoy the Venus pleasure through secret relationships or sources. This is also possible that person would want to remain secret to others as much as possible. He would not want to be known much in the society. Afflicted Venus here may give kidney problems, diabetes, obesity which may prove to be life threatening. It is said that Venus here gives a peaceful death at sacred place.
On the other hand native may be very good at social work and counseling, they also have very good understanding in astrology and psychology.

One may be quarrelsome, useless and a wanderer. One will speak harshly and uselessly like a rustic. One may perform ill deeds for one’s family. Poverty and enemies may trouble the native. One may be in debt due to one’s extravagant habit. Bliss from children and spouse may be limited but one may attain happiness and wealth from the opposite sex. One may be infatuated towards the opposite sex. One may have illicit relations with a a person of the opposite sex. One may suffer from venereal diseases. One may die due to gastric troubles or hunger. There will be continuous problems in life. One’s nature may not be good. One may be ill charactered and may suffer from diabetes and venereal diseases.

Venus in 9th House:

Ninth house governs spirituality, higher learning, fortune, and luck. Jupiter is the lord and karak of ninth house. Venus does very well here in spite it being the house of his enemy. This is a great deal of wealth placement. Venus is a flashy planet, it needs to have some restriction to show proper results for the house, 9th house does the same via spiritual/religious ideology. Venus here guarantees profits from long distance travels such as off-shore business, Govt. diplomat, corporate placement or higher studies to study arts, design or other creative fields. Venus means romance, fashion, music and show-off, Venus does not contribute to the spiritual or religious aspects of the 9th house, however, Jupiter forces will bring the blessings of philosophy, wisdom, and world travel to the native.

Gives good chances of future spouse from foreign country, good fortune, good education, good spouse and children. In case Venus happens to be lagnesha, the native may be an international teacher or spiritual guru. Being the planet of females, Venus here will promote feminine related business or activities. The lady friends will be financially privileged, world-traveled, and highly educated. Through his wealth he will do charities and perform religious activities. He will be blessed with long living father.

From here Venus will aspect the 3rd house and enhance its features. Venus in 9th house is generally a good placement unless there are very bad aspects on it.

Venus in 10th House:

This is house of his great friend, Venus in 10th house is a great placement as long as there is no negative influence. Venus placed in career house is a strong indicator of career in arts, fashion industry, jewelry design, music industry, entertainment industry, media, beauty industry, business related to perfume, interior decoration etc. Venus also represents sweet things such as sugar and sugar related business i.e. sweet and pastry shop, sugar factory. However, influence of other planets may change the role i.e. native can also become a good doctor or surgeon with the help of Mars, Ketu or Saturn help. At workplace he will have great circle of female coworkers and will be benefited from them. This placement suggests native finding his soul-mate at workplace.

Native will be fashionable and have extravagant life style, he will be fond of extravagant gifts, personal purchases, flashy dresses, ornaments and accessories, perfumes, wines and musical instrument etc.

From here Venus aspects the 4th house which will prosper the features of 4th house like gain from mother, loving mother, happy family life, good house, conveyance, properties etc. If Venus is afflicted, then career could be unstable with unstable income and frequent job changes.

Venus is one auspicious planet, having it in the strongest Kendra house is generally a blessing. Having Sun or Saturn along will add more durability in results.

Venus in 11th House:

Venus in 11th house is considered a golden touch. Native loves luxurious touch in everything in his life. Native has a very huge & influential social circle and network of rich friends especially females. He will spend lavishly on parties and social gatherings. People are impressed with his luxurious gesture. Native may be in the business of products related to females such as cosmetics, jewelry and other female related services such as escort. He will also gain from stock markets.

Native will be very fond of music, drama, and dance and may have career in this too. There are strong chances he may be living abroad. These guys are genius in fundraising through large fundraising organizations such as political parties, corporate lobbies, social-change campaigns, and community associations. They also help their elder siblings with their wealth and influence.

From here Venus aspects the 5th house of romance, intelligence & progeny. There are chances native will fall in love and blessed with an adorable spouse and children. Interestingly, native will meet his spouse in one of such gatherings. If there is any association with Mars then native is advised to be careful in relationships.

Venus is happy and comfortable in Saturn’s own house and gives best results in rashi of Saturn or Venus. But when Venus is associated with malefics like Mars, Rahu or Ketu then there can be problems like extra-marital affairs, loss in stock markets, problems from female friends etc.

Venus in 12th House:

Above discussion of Venus in 11th house is at stake in 12th house being a house of loss. These guys love to sleep and dream. Venus will act here as a demonic advisor leading the native into the trap of bad actions, unethical, and undesirable. Here native will prefer privacy and lone time. He will be a lustful person involved in unethical relationships. Contrary to the 11th house, here native will spend less and save more but he will be quite charitable. He may not be so popular among friends or have less friends. He will prefer independent business. As 12th house promotes sleep, person may be full of imagination and fantasies. There are strong chances of going to foreign lands such as foreign postings during career or investments in these foreign countries or going to a spiritual journey in foreign countries. It is possible that native wife also belongs to a foreign land.

Technically speaking it is house of Jupiter who is advisor to Gods occupied by Venus who is advisor to devils, so there are ideological clash within native. Venus will push the native to material way of life. Still Jupiter forces will keep him awake towards his spiritual goals via prayer and psychic guidance. There is possibility of native attracted towards drugs and alcohol as a mean to provide inner satisfaction and get rid of worldly affairs.

On the other side, 12th house is 6th from 7th house of marriage, it may not be very suitable placement for a harmonious marriage. 12th house pleasure for native may provoke animosity from spouse i.e. extra marital affairs, privacy, sleeping habits, imaginary world, indulgence in drugs & alcohol etc.

From here Venus will aspect 6th house of debt, enmity, and disease which may not be a great aspect considering the tough nature of 6th house.

Overall it is not so good placement.

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