Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial popularly known as the Victoria Memorial Hall is among one of the attention-grabbing landmarks situated in the city of Kolkata in West Bengal. The building is entirely made up of white marbles that adds a glow to its beauty and as the name says, one can easily relate that it was built in the memory of Queen Victoria. The Prince of Wales laid the foundation of Victoria Memorial in 1906 which has an area of 338 by 228 feet and a height of 184 feet.

If you are on a visit to this great monumental place in Kolkata, you will come to find many interesting galleries that play a major role in creating the beauty of this place. Some of them are the national leader’s gallery, the portrait gallery, the sculpture gallery, the arms and armory gallery and many more are there in addition to all these. The Royal Gallery situated in Victoria Memorial is also among one of these galleries that feature a number of paintings that depict various events from Queen Victoria’s life.

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This historical place in West Bengal has a worth-seeing external sculpture on the north side of the building. The sculpture depicts the head of a lion with a flow of water coming out from it and then dividing itself into four channels which are supposed to represent the great four Indian rivers – the Ganges, the Krishna, the Indus and the Yamuna.

If you plan to visit this historical place in India, you have to remain updated about the best time that sees maximum number of tourists and that is from the month of October to March and you can opt for any mode of transport viz. air, rail or road to reach here. Once you are here you will definitely come to see an artistic piece of creativity and which is a beautiful example of blend of British and Mughal architecture.

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