Kemadruma Yoga

केमद्रुमे भवति पुत्र कलत्र हीनो देशान्तरे व्रजति दुःखसमाभितप्तः
ज्ञातिप्रमोदनिरतो मुखरः कुचैलो नीचः सदा भवति भीतियुतिश्चिरायु (Mansagari)

Meaning who has kemadruma yoga in his birth chart, he is deprived of the pleasure from wife and son. He keeps moving and is always sorrowful, talkative, poorly dressed, coward, immoral, long lived.

Kemadruma yoga is considered as a dreaded yoga or Daridrya (Financial Poorness) Yoga and evil results are predicted for it. In Kemadruma yoga, there is no single planet to support the Moon on either side. Traditionally, absence of any planet except sun in 2nd and 12th from Moon creates Kemadruma Yoga. Presence of Sun nearby the Moon causes Amavasya and thus reduces strength of Moon. Rahu Ketu is not considered in this yoga, and presence of Rahu Ketu in 2nd and 12th cannot eliminate Kemadruma Yoga.

According to VarahMihir in Brihat Jatak: “With The exception of the Sun, other planets in the 2nd house from the Moon, in the 12th from him and in the 2nd and 12th from the Moon cause Sunapha, Anapha and Durudhara yogas respectively. If these are not so many say it is Kemadrum.”

kemadruma yoga

Results of Kemadruma Yoga and Science Behind It

According to Mansagari System, one who is born in Kemadruma yoga, is mean minded always sad with difficulties, lives without wife and sons in other country, does public works of cast fellows, has bad manners, long lived, with filthy appearance. This happens even if one is born at the King’s Royal family.

According to Saravali, one who is born in the Kemadrum yoga, even if he is born in the Royal family, is without wife, food, water, home, clothes, friends, relatives and is poor, sad, dependent, mean minded, opposing many persons.

According to Brihat Jatak, the person born under Kemadruma, will be dirty, sorrowful, doing work against his caste, poor, dependent and roguish, although he may take a birth in a royal family.

Scientifically and astrologically, Moon represents mind and its unlimited energies, in the absence of any planet either side of Moon, there are no well-defined boundaries for the mental activity and there is no subject to control the mental activity so it is mind without any control. In this situation, the mind is continuously engaged in the non-productive mental activity denoted by Moon’s sign and Bhava. The person may not be able to concentrate on any activity and become irresponsible towards his social duties.

A person may have to leave his grown up place and live in the unknown place or country. Such person away from the family and friends surely feels poor. People in transferable jobs or trying to enter in another country without any background should check for the Kemadruma Yoga in their horoscopes.

The person with Kemadruma Yog should not run the independent business, or he should not carry the posts with financial responsibilities. Also, he should avoid starting a big venture in his own name.

Kemadruma Yoga Cancellation (Kemadruma Bhang)

कुमुद्गहनबंधु वीरक्छयमानः समस्तै गर्गनगृह निवासे दीर्घजीवी मनुष्यः
फलमशुभसमुत्थम नैव केमद्रुमोकत्म स भवति नरनाथः सार्वभौमो जितारी (Mansagri)

If Moon is aspected by the auspicious planets, then kemadruma stands cancelled.

पूर्णः शशी यदि भवेच्चुभसंस्थितो वा संयमरेजयाभृगुनन्दनसंयुतश
पुत्रार्थसौखयजनकह कथितो मुनीन्द्रै केमद्रुमे भवति मंगलसुप्रसिद्धिः (Mansagri)

If Moon is placed in the rashi of auspicious and strong planet and conjunct with either Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus, kemadruma stands cancelled.

According to Varahmihir, if planets are in Kendra from Moon or if the Moon is conjoined with planets, there is no Kemadrum.

Kemadrum yoga is said to be cancelled:

  1. If there is a Moon in Kendra in Birth Chart
  2. A planet is in Kendra from Moon in Birth Chart
  3. If all planets are aspecting the Moon in Kemdruma.
  4. The Moon with full strength in a benefic sign with benefic planets like Jupiter and Venus gives good results in Kemdruma Yoga.
  5. A Yoga formed by Moon is Adhi Yoga in which the benefic planets are in 6th , 7 th and 8th from Moon. This gives beneficial results thus it nullifies the effects of Kemdruma Yoga.
  6. When Kemadruma Moon is in the 6th, 8th or 12 th houses, it creates more difficult situation. In such case there is a hidden mental energy which is never expressed on social platform.

Remedies for Kemadruma Yoga

Following remedies in general can be suggested:

  1. Abhisheka of milk and water on Shivalinga.
  2. Donation of Kheer keeping in Silver vessel (Prepared from milk, sugar and rice) in temple.
  3. Keep a square piece of silver.
  4. The holy waters of sacred rivers like Gangajal should be kept in the place of worship at home.
  5. The items signified by Moon e.g. pearl, milk, curd, ice cream, lassi, buttermilk, rice, silver, water, kheer etc. should be donated.
  6. “Om Namah Shivay” mantra should be recited in the Shiv Mandir using the rosary with Rudraksha.


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