What is the Importance of Shradh

According to our old literature, every son should perform the ritual of shradh. Shradh month is considered very auspicious in the Hindu religion. Shradh month is the occasion of presenting respect to the deceased ancestors present in the Pitru region. Shradh is usually performed by a son. Through shradh unfulfilled wishes and desires of souls of dead are satisfied and they proceed to the next plane of existence. It is the duty of descendants to pay respect to their ancestors through pinda and water, and do charities in their name that will please them.

If shradh is not performed for a dead person, his soul becomes trapped and not relieved to the next level. The soul of such deceased person even cannot convey his feeling to anyone. He could become unhappy and create troubles in ones life because of his unfulfilled wish.

Holy book of Mahabharat describes the importance of shradh and benefits of doing shradh by a son:

  • Activities of shradh is as important as activities of worshipping the God. Doing shradh saves the soul of the ancestors from the hell.
  • By worshipping the deceased ancestors, one can conceive a baby boy and acquire a prosperous long life.
  • If shradh is performed on the day of an eclipse, man will get the equal benefit of donating a piece of land to someone.
  • If someone is not performing the ritual of shradh, his ancestor will reside in the hell and person himself will not prosper in life.
  • According to Brahma Puran, ‘One who performs the ritual of shradh as per his financial state, pleases the Brahma and no one in his family remains unhappy.
  • By performing shradh, the give-and-take account is also closed i.e. if we owe something to a person and he dies before we could repay him, doing shradh will repay the loan.

Gautam Trehan

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