The Best Substitute of the Diamond Gemstone – White Sapphire

White Sapphire or Leucosapphire, also known as ‘Safed Pukhraj’, is the best known astrological equivalent gemstone to Diamond. Diamond is an exceptional stone, however, due to its availability and price, many people prefer buying the best substitute available i.e. white sapphire. In fact, finely cut white sapphires can easily be mistaken for the diamonds. It is also suggested as a substitute of yellow sapphire. It is pure white, colorless, well cheaper than diamond, and a perfect substitute for those who cannot buy a diamond. It has all the same characteristics of the diamond and will give you the same benefit which has been described for the diamond gemstone. It is worn on the index, middle, or little finger of the right hand as per the suggestion of the astrologer. Even, nowadays people are replacing the diamond rings with the white sapphire rings in the wedding or engagement, fashion rings, cocktail rings and other ceremonies due to its price and diamond like features.


Like all other sapphires, it is a variety of Corundum or aluminium oxide mineral. It looks pure as it did not have the natural traces of other minerals which give the color. White sapphire has the rating of 10 on the Mohs scale which makes it second hardest stone on the earth. People say white sapphires from Kashmir & Burma are of excellent quality, but almost impossible to procure. Sri Lankan white sapphires are the best quality professional white sapphires. Nivitigala, Pelmadulla, and Elahera are famous white sapphire mines in Sri Lanka. Like most of the gems, white sapphire is also scarce in the nature. Pure, natural white sapphire should not have any inclusion, crack, streak, or any other color which makes it malicious. Many companies across the world buy these colorless gemstones to diffuse it with deep blue color to make it blue sapphire.

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Good to know

White sapphires were comparatively unknown few years back, however, companies soon discovered the tremendous scope to turn these white stones in the colorful sapphires with the help of the diffusion process by using iron and titanium powders. That is why large white sapphires are very rare as it is broken and diffused into many blue sapphires. While heat treatment is an accepted process in the gem industry, diffusion is still considered as unethical process. Heat treatment just finishes the stone for better looks without disturbing the natural properties, whereas diffusion process change the natural white sapphire stone completely and makes it artificial blue or deep blue sapphire. As per one agreement, dealer or trader has to disclose the diffusion process to the customer while making a purchase, but they don’t. Customers should request a certificate to guarantee the condition of such sapphires. Ideally, it should be AAA rated. The value of White Sapphire depends on its size, color and transparency.
There are variety of synthetic white sapphires too exist in the market, not as durable as the natural ones, but, chemically identical to the real white sapphires, and these are less expensive and with better quality.

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