Gemstone of Jupiter – Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Yellow Sapphire is called “Pukhraj” or Gururatna which means “A Yellow jewel”, which is very obvious as Jupiter is all about “Yellow”. It is very attractive, bright and glowing gem of the planet Jupiter. It is cold, sattvik, religious, and spiritual in nature. It comes in many colors such as yellow, lemon yellow, gold, and white. Since Jupiter is a benefic planet, yellow sapphire bestows the wearer with the pleasures of life.

In fact, yellow sapphire is another popular color of sapphire which is basically known as blue sapphire. It is found in Sri Lanka, Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia, USA, and East Africa. In India, sapphires from Kashmir are very famous but rare.

How to wear Yellow Sapphire

Consult your astrologer before wearing it. Although people use it in earrings, rings, necklace and pendants, it is recommended to wear it in the form of a gold ring on the index finger on Thursday. [pullquote-right]Gemstone should touch the finger after putting it on.[/pullquote-right] It is necessary to get it purified from some experienced astrologer before wearing.

Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

It blesses you with wisdom, worldly happiness, long life, good health, and all prosperity. It works most to the authors, writers, and businessmen. It is a wonder gemstone for girls not getting married or finding partners. Jupiter is the planet of the husband in the female natal chart, hence, wearing yellow sapphire helps. It also works for those suffering from fever, weight gain, diabetes, cholera, jaundice, abdominal issues and kidney disease.

It is said to cure poisonous insect bites, if rubbed on the afflicted area immediately.

Natural Yellow Sapphire

Always wear faultless and unheated yellow sapphire to get the maximum gain. Sapphire is processed through a heating process to give it a bright color. Natural, unheated yellow sapphire is rare and very expensive. [pullquote-right]Yellow topaz is used as a replacement gemstone of yellow sapphire, but may not be as effective as sapphire.[/pullquote-right]

It may take a good effort to look for unheated natural Sapphire. Smoky or white shade sapphire is known to be the most effective. A natural unheated gem gives bright lemon color, whereas, heated yellow sapphires produce golden to yellow orange. Main problem in buying yellow sapphire is market look alike as these have zero astrological value and good for nothing.

Natural Yellow Sapphire

Natural Yellow Sapphire

There are some popular tests to verify its purity. Place it on a white cloth and expose it to sunlight, it should give a yellow hue to against the reflection. Keep it in the milk for a day or two, it should not change the color. However, these are just basic tests, purity can only be tested in the certified laboratory.

Malicious or Inauspicious Yellow Sapphire

One should wear transparent and sparkling sapphire procured from a certified dealer only. Beware to purchase a defective yellow sapphire which has the dull or milky appearance, tiny marks, crack inside, and asymmetrical shape.

More About Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire is a mineral composed of aluminum and fluorine. The natural color of sapphire is due to the iron presence in it. Yellow sapphire is checked for its hardness to confirm if it is in fact worth buying. It should have the ranking of 9 on a Moh’s scale. Always buy from a reputed jewelry or gemstone selling company.

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